Beginning the Baseboards

27 Aug

For the past week our house has been in mass disarray as we’ve started installing the downstairs baseboards! After having lived without anything there for the last 15 months, I must admit things look a little weird, but I’m happy we’re finally making progress!!!

Here are a few shots of that chaos I mentioned:

You can see Mike caulking around the trim in a few of those. We caulked around the window and door trim and it definitely gave it a much more finished look.

We’ve learned that as long as you have a good nail hole filler & caulker, there’s not much you can do to mess this up! And trust me, the house has thrown a TON of curveballs to throw us off our game- uneven walls, uneven floors, awkward transitions between rooms, etc, etc.

The next step is painting; and I plan to tackle that tomorrow while Mike works on installing more trim upstairs. We’re desperately trying to make some room in the garage by using up the trim we have on hand. This is important because we plan to start the gut job on the kitchen over labor day weekend! There certainly is never a dull moment around here.

Here’s hoping we have some finished pics of the baseboard next week to share!


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