What Stinks?!?

15 Sep

That! (apparently).

In preparation for relocating our gas range into the corner, Mike called a plumber to figure out what it’d cost to move the gas line. That amount wasn’t so surprising, but they recommended we have an electrician come out to see if it needed to be grounded.  (I promise this will all relate back to the picture). Anyways, Mike called the local electrician while I was out and they happened to be nearby at the time so popped in for a quick look. Lo-and-behold, our incoming gas line is not up to code at all! (supposedly this picture shows that…).

We aren’t sure what that’s going to cost us yet as this happened after regular business hours. Mike is planning to call the plumber tomorrow and see if they can give us an estimate/fix it quickly so we don’t get too behind (although, we may already be behind, I don’t even know!!)

In other news, Mike’s been quite busy monkeying with the plumbing and electrical this past week.  My mom and dad came down last Sunday to lend a hand. My Mom and I painted while the men (Mike’s friend Matt also got involved) got their plumb on. We actually had a close call while Mom and I were out grabbing paint. We get a call to stop at Home Depot for this tool – I don’t even remember what it’s called anymore- that the men needed to fix the plumbing. The original panic was if they didn’t find this tool, we’d have to a) go without plumbing until we could find it or b) call the plumber and pay “emergency” fees since it was Sunday. Fortunately, a trip to Menards and the plumbing was able to be turned back on shortly thereafter! And I’m hoping to have some pictures of the finished baseboards and stair rail after this weekend as Mom’s coming back again for more painting torture 🙂

Post’s are never very fun without pictures, so I’ll share the new holes in the wall from Mike’s electrical shenanigans:

This weekend, our friend Josh (who is in the process of BUILDING his kitchen cabinets) is going to assist Mike with the electrical work. That’ll give me time to clean up the rest of the house and get the baseboards and stair rail ready for painting on Sunday.  We’ll of course be breaking in time for the Badger game at 2:30!! We can’t work too hard or we’ll end up like Puppy…


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