Tough Mudder

13 Oct

No, this post isn’t about the Mud Run in Madison, but it was a marathon of sorts this last week and there was a lot of muddin’. All of the drywall was patched (by us the other weekend) and mudded (mostly by someone else last week)! It was actually quite nice to come home from work each day last week and see some progress being made on the kitchen.

Despite bringing in some hired help, the work was not light for us. We spent many late nights working on our angled “range wall” and our recessed box for decoration behind the range. As well as priming the newly patched drywall, priming and painting the ceiling, and picking out a paint color.

Here’s a sneak peak at the paint job that’s been going on too:

It’s hard to see, but the color on the left is the old color, the middle color is the new color, and the white on the right is the primer (yes, I know very minimal change!)
For those of you haven’t seen our laundry room before (it’s connected to the kitchen so it’s under construction also), the yellow is the old color but we are painting it the same color as the kitchen to unify the spaces.

So, I am happy to report the painting is (mostly) complete. We are having some issues with ink bleeding through the paint!! It is quite frustrating. Any tips on how to get rid of that? We painted 3 coats of paint over it, but it still showed through. So we re-primed the area and it showed through even more! I guess that’s the last time WE write on the wall! I’ll keep you updated if/when we come up with a solution.

In other news, the tile got delivered TODAY! and he is coming to start laying the tile tomorrow. We are so excited to put the appliances (fridge, washer, and dryer) back in the room so we can stop living like this:

(please pardon our dust)  



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