The Never-Ending (Tile) Story

18 Oct

The plan for this week was to make progress and lots of it, however, after some mis-communications with the tiler we are having problems getting the floor completely finished! This means there is a delay in the cabinet install, appliance delivery, and counter-top measuring!

The tiler came as planned and got (most) of the tile laid last week:

However there was some confusion on the island border so he was supposed to come in and fix that/finish laying the remainder of the tile and grout on Monday. He apparently got tied up at another job and was supposed to come today (Tuesday). Again got tied up (or so he says) and was not able to make it AGAIN! This means that the cabinets, which were supposed to be delivered tomorrow for install Thursday and Friday will have to get pushed back… the appliances which were supposed to be delivered on Thursday will have to be pushed back to next week Tuesday (the store only delivers on Tues and Thurs to our area) … and the counter tops certainly won’t be measured for this week. What a bummer! I sure hope the tile guy gets here tomorrow.

The good news over the past week is that we do LOVE the way the tile looks in the space and are super happy with our choice in design and color!

These delays also gave us time to finish painting. We had to buy some stain blocking primer and apply 2 coats before we were successful in covering up our ink problem. But we did get it covered and painted so that’s one thing to check off our list.

Hopefully I’ll be back later this week with pictures of a finished floor and maybe even the cabinets too!


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