Let There Be Light

6 Nov

We’ve been trying to work on the lighting situation for awhile now. We’ve finally found can light covers for all of the different can lights we have and we’ve also found LED lights much to Mike’s excitement. I can happily say I “installed” everything this morning and it’s so nice to have all the lights up!

We also were finally able to get the under-cabinet lights installed. We ended up ordering Xenon lights from Amazon and were all ready to install them last weekend but they had accidentally shipped us 1 black and 1 silver light (we ordered all white) so we had to wait until this weekend to get ‘er done. We did have a bit of a scare when we turned the power on and only 1 of the 3 sets worked, but it was a very simple fix and we’re happy that everything worked out just fine!! Woohoo!

Notice Mike working on the island electric

Our last big project of the day was wiring the island electric. It took us about 20 minutes before we even built up the courage to cut a hole in our new cabinets, but we were able to do it without a hitch! Although it did require a trip to the depot for some last minute supplies (per our usual DIY routine).

Only 2 more days until the counter tops arrive! I’ll be back later this week with more progress pics.


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