Shrinking To Do List

9 Nov

This week may mark the last week of kitchen chaos as we wrap things up. Although there’s still quite a few things to check off the ol’ to do list, I thought it was time we share a picture update with anyone who actually reads this thing.

Yesterday, the counter tops finally made an appearance. Mike was able to stay home and “supervise” the install so I did get picture updates throughout the morning. Let me say, I love the way they turned out! I think I may have pet them for a few minutes when I got home and saw them in person…

Sorry if the picture quality is poorer than usual. Mike forgot to take pics with the nice camera. These are from his cell phone.

Today, the tile guy came (as scheduled- yay!) and put up the backsplash. We went with a white subway tile for a pretty classic look, but had a little fun picking out an accent tile for behind the range. I immediately fell in love with the carrera marble in the tile and may have incorporated more of it, until I found out the price tag! Yikes! But it looks perfect in our little nook:

Here are a few more pics of the rest of the tile job:

Doesn’t it look great?!?  I’ve already started putting stuff away (as of last night)- it’s a fun puzzle figuring out where everything should “live.”

I can’t wait until plumbing and gas are completely hooked up so I can start using the kitchen again. Here’s what’s remaining on our agenda (and when it’s supposed to be completed):

  • Grout the tiles (tomorrow)
  • Hang the hood (tomorrow)
  • Hook up sink (Friday)
  • Install faucet (Friday)
  • Hook up dishwasher (Friday)
  • Hook up range (Friday)
  • Install toe-kick (Friday)
  • Install crown molding (Friday)
  • Hook up rest of electrical into box (Friday or Monday)
  • Install baseboards (????)

In unrelated news, I’d been searching for a cute little garden stool to put out in our screened in porch for a table/extra seating for the past few months. As part of my birthday present, my mom contributed some $$ to help purchase one (those suckers are expensive!!) Well, I’ve finally found one and it got delivered today!! Yay! (not that it does much good on the screened in porch now, but it will be nice to have in 6 months when it starts to warm up again! Here she is, isn’t she a beaut?

Hopefully I’ll be back later this week with “finished” pics.


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