A Klose to Klompleted Kitchen

14 Nov

It’s official! We have gone from dinners like this:

pasta dishes from sugar river pizza

to this:

tacos cooking on the stove

The kitchen is completely functional and I am in love with the results! I know everyone wants to just see the pics so without further ado:

As you can see in the photos above, there is definitely some finishing touches we need to tackle, like the tv cord management, finishing the outlets, installing the baseboards, etc. But for now we are content to take our time with those.

Here are a few pics of some of the features we picked out, too:

Pull out garbage and recycling bins
Built in silverware tray….
… with a second level underneath for more storage!
Cookie sheets/cutting board dividers
A blurry shot of the lazy susan’s in the corner cabinet
Spice shelves we have yet to fill…

We are also in some desperate need of some counter height stools. We spent most of Saturday evening and Sunday hunting for those ( 8 different stores in all!). I could not believe how much stools can cost. One store we went to had stools starting at $390 a piece! Crazy!! But I think we have in narrowed down to this one from world market:

They were all sold out when we were there yesterday but are supposed to be getting some in this Tues or next (cross your fingers it’s this Tuesday). We are also planning on stopping at The Stool Store (very creative name I know) tomorrow on our way back to WM to hopefully pick up the above stool. The Stool Store is apparently quite special as it’s closed on Sundays and has limited later hours (closes at 5pm most days…).

While out stool shopping, I finally found a piggy elephant bank I adore! I have secretly been searching for one for the past 2-3 years. We found it at Pier 1. He’s such a cutie and right now is living in our pretty kitchen:

So while there are still some things on the list before this kitchen can really be finished… it’s definitely a step in the right direction!! Here are some pictures to remind you where we started…

When we bought the house
On demo day
On demo day

Although the kitchen is “kompleted” we have plenty more house projects to tackle and plan to keep you all updated on our progress. For now I’ll leave you all with our “night” view of the kitchen:

Happy Monday!


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