The Ship?!?

12 Dec

This month Mike & I were excited to head to the inaugural B1G championship game, or as I affectionately called the ‘ship. May I direct you all to this clip as I assure you the ‘ship is a legitimate term for ‘Championship game.’ And might I add, a heck of a lot easier to say!

Anyways, when Badger football season got started, there was a lot of talk about the Badgers making a real run for the NC game. So, being optimistic fans we were all set to book tickets to NOLA for Jan 9 2012. However, when they fell a tad short of that goal,  we settled for the ‘ship. I am sure Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana is quite a different atmosphere, but we had an amazing time nonetheless. Here are a few pics from the weekend:

Panorama view of the stadium from our seats- I’d say there’s an awful lot of RED in there!
We’re goin to the ‘ship!      
Had to pose with the doctor at the tailgate
The band on their way to the stadium
Smiles on our faces getting ready to cheer on Bucky before kick-off
All smiles after we secured the win- which didn’t happen until the final minute of the game!
Champions! and the games MVP- oh how we love you Russel!
We are the Champions! Posing in front of the blown up version of the trophy
With the win, they secured the second trip in a row to the Rose Bowl so all I can say is ON WISCONSIN!!

This was definitely a great game against a great team and won one I’ll remember for quite some time!

With the holidays and badger football, I must admit, the house projects have taken a crashing halt.

I hope to be back later this week with a few more updates on our ikea trip (squeezed that in on the way home from the ‘ship), our major black friday deal (part 1 got delivered last week!), and the lights we FINALLY hung up yesterday! Stay tuned…







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