A Little Bit of Everything

15 Jan

For some reason life gets a little rushed around the holidays but we have managed to get a few small house projects done in the past few weeks. Here’s what’s been going around over here lately:

As I mentioned last time, we scored a nice deal on black Friday- window treatments! We got some faux wood blinds for the kitchen and hung them up a few weeks back. We are definitely enjoying the added privacy we get from them at night especially since we spend so much more time in there now!

We also ordered honeycomb (I think that’s what they’re called) blinds that you lift up or pull down for the bedrooms upstairs. However, someone (oops), inverted the numbers for a few of the windows so unfortunately they won’t work! What a bummer. I seriously wouldn’t talk about it for about a week.

The good news is that the store is going to honor the black Friday price if we do decide to reorder them. So although it will cost us twice as much as we originally hoped, it will still be quite a bit better than paying full price. Here’s hoping someone else has weird shaped windows that wants to buy these for a great price! In the mean time, here’s one of the 2 that worked:

I also successfully (after only minor issues) sewed my first pillow case!! Mike & I spent the New Years weekend visiting Catherine and Jesse in Galesville and we all tackled a few firsts. The boys successfully installed 2 new doors – 1 exterior door from the kitchen to the garage and the other an interior door from the kitchen to the laundry area. Here they are working on the door to the garage. Of course they needed me to supervise ๐Ÿ™‚

The girls decided to try a different, more “feminine” project. ๐Ÿ™‚ We picked out some fabric and made pillow covers. Catherine’s sewing process was uneventful. Mine really gave us grief as somehow the tension in the machine got changed and there was a huge tangled mess of thread. Catherine got it all straightened out (she’s the “pro” out of the 2 of us) and I was eventually able to be successful! It was actually quite a bit easier than I thought it would be. It’s crazy that our pillow probably cost us < $5 and it is hard to find a pillow cover for < $25 at a store! Aren’t they looking great?

Mike has since convinced me I needed a sewing machine, so using credit card points we (yes Mike too) bought a Singer. Here’s hoping I can figure this out without my expert side-kick!

Mike and I are (still) working on our 2012 goals for the house. Once we get our priorities figured out (and hopefully agree on them), I’ll be back to share the details of whats to come with this old house.

Until then, hope 2012 is off to a wonderful start for all!


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