22 Jan

As you may have noticed, the blog got a new look! I’ve been playing around with different blog sites/looks for awhile and hopefully have settled on this. No guarantees though, the look could change as often as our furniture 🙂 Don’t worry, all the content from the old blog made it’s way over here. The formatting may be a bit off, but perhaps I’ll get to that eventually.

As I mentioned about the changing furniture… the blog isn’t the only thing around here getting a new look:

We bought a new couch! And pretty much loooove the comfort and extra seating that goes along with it. (you can see my pillow cover there and some pillows waiting for a new cover, too!)

Our previous couch wasn’t too old but the comfort was long gone. It was something that we bought quickly and cheaply thinking it had to be better than the cheap $100 couches we’d bought off craigslist in the past. WRONG! We learned it was worth spending a bit more for a higher quality piece.

We didn’t spend more time hunting for this one but we had a better idea of what we wanted from our couch – leather, sectional, and reasonably priced. We found this one in the clearance section for about 50% off it’s full retail price! We put the 10% down (fully refundable if we changed our mind), went home to measure, and read a few reviews on the brand (it’s harder than you think to find reviews of furniture online). After agreeing it was what we wanted, we rented a U-Haul trailer and brought it home that same day- and haven’t looked back since. Granted it’s been less than a month since we bought it, I can already feel a difference in the quality and we can fit soo many more people in our living room.

And as a bonus- we were able to sell our old couch, chair, and ottoman on craigslist. Granted it was nowhere near what we paid for it, but we’ve come to expect that from CL and are just happy to have them gone and on to a home that will appreciate and enjoy them! They’ll be here to pick them up on Tuesday. Let the hunt for some new chairs begin! (shhh… don’t tell Mike)

Our bedroom layout went through some changes, too:

I didn’t think to take a pic of the arrangement “before” but picture the bed with the head to the left in this screen shot. The way doors and windows line up in this room there really is no great way to arrange the furniture, so before it was sort of floating in the middle of the room (the closet doors are too the left and centered on the wall and the bathroom doors are to the right and centered on the wall with no room on either side of the doors for the bed). The way we have it now seems to make the room feel HUGE, but our bed frame and headboard covers most of the window, so right now we are without it. Our plan is to just live with this layout for awhile and see how we like it. This is the 3rd time rearranging so I’m not willing to rush into new furniture or commit to this in any way for the long haul. Only time will tell how long it’ll last!

Of course there’s still plenty left to do in there too- you can’t tell from this angle but half the room (and half the upstairs) is still without baseboards and ALL of it needs to be puttied, sanded, and painted… ick. When will that project end already?!? Hopefully 2012 will be the year!

We also gave our entryway windows some clothes:

It makes the room look so much more finished- and since that window does give a partial view of our living room, it’s nice to be able to close those at night.

We’re still working on plans for the house for 2012. At the rate we’re going, we probably wont get them finalized until March… but that’ll give us some time to build up our house projects funds again. The kitchen sort of depleted that! That means we may not have too much to blog about for awhile… but we are babysitting our nephew for the first time this upcoming weekend. I am sure we will have pictures to share for that! See you then. 🙂


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