Sand, Swimming, and More Sun in St Lucia

26 Feb

After hiking the Pitons, the rest of our vacation was full of sun and sand. We checked out a total of 3 beaches: (1) The Cove, which was just a few minute walk from our villa, (2) Reduit Beach, which was in a touristy part of St. Lucia in Rodney Bay, and (3) Pigeon Island, which was in a national park and actually required a fee to enter.

Here’s a collection of photos from the beaches:

The Cove as we're heading down the 80ish steps to the sand

The Cove

Catherine and I enjoying The Cove on our last full day in St. Lucia

The boys "fooling around" at Reduit Beach- Sorry for the fuzzy quality of these photos, they were taken with our underwater camera

The waves were pretty big this day and only the boys would brave them

Nice calm beach at Pigeon Island

One of the few pics Mike and I got of each other- at Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island

One of Mike’s favorite beach activities was snorkeling. Here’s a just a couple of the goodies he found on his underwater escapades:

Mike getting his gear on


Pretty fish


We spent the last night of our trip on a sunset cruise aboard a pirate ship. Mike and I had fun getting to know our cameras and new lenses a bit better. I’ll try to keep the sunset photos to a minimum:

After the sunset cruise, we headed to Gros Islet for some music and food. It was surprising to hear how much Celine Dion they played! No pics of this, too busy stuffing our faces!

Before I call this vacation recap done, I just had to share a few more pics Mike and I took. Here’s far more sunset and scenery pics than you could ever enjoy, but please try 🙂

The LAST vacation photo

Thanks for letting me share some of the memories and nowhere near all the photos! Now that we are rested and rejuvenated, we’ll be back to tackling house projects soon!


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