24 Mar

This morning I woke up and realized that we had to be creeping up on our 2nd ‘housiversary,’ so I asked Mike to look it up. Sure enough, we had actually passed it. It was officially March 22, 2010 that we bought our first house. Read all about that process here.

I thought it’d be fun to take a look at some before and after now shots of what our house looked like when we bought it and how far its come in the past 2 years. Of course nothing is actually crossed off our to-do list (not even the kitchen- we are still finishing the baseboards in there, haha) but it is amazing how much things have changed. I’ll spare you pictures of the upstairs, not much has changed yet but some paint colors.. perhaps they’ll be ready for the next housiversary?!?

Sorry in advance for all the blurry before pictures. We downloaded them from the online auction site right after we bought it because we realized we forgot to take our own before pictures (and we had already ripped out the trim and the carpet!).

Let’s start with the front entryway. This is probably the mostly finished room since it even has some stuff hanging on the walls! Since no one ever comes in the front door (our driveway is off the kitchen at the other end of the house) this room could eventually become an office or a play room for future kiddos (with a big plush rug over the tile). But today it’s a very clean ‘mudroom.’


This was after we had taken out the trim and replaced the trim around the window and doors. We also installed the closet doors because there wasn't one when we bought the house.


Puppy likes to look at the window while we are at work.

Here are a few other angles:

That bench was actually made out of an old coffee table. It would be a nice place to put shoes on...

Here's some of that stuff on the wall I was telling you about

And a mirror is on the wall too...

If you were to walk in that front door, you’d walk through the entryway and into the living room.


A view of the entryway/front door in the distance. Here you can see the ugly brown trim and carpet that we inherited.

That door leads out to our screened in porch


Those chairs on the left are just placeholders until we can figure out/afford what we want

A few other angles of the room:

From the hallway to the kitchen

A view down the hall.That's the dining room on the left.

Doesn’t the new white trim look so much better than the brown stuff we replaced? And the wood floor is much better than that carpet. Since you can sort of sea the dining room from here, let’s head there next.


The stairs to upstairs are on the right. Notice the lack of hand-rail.


From the opposite vantage point. Although I'm thinking of painting the accent wall navy, or adding some board and batten

Another view where you can see the hand rail we installed last summer:

On the other side of the hallway is our office.



We have big plans for this room, including DIY built-in bookcase that spans the right wall and a custom desk that spans the left wall so there’s workspace for 2 people. But, if you’ve read our 2012 goals, you know it’ll be awhile before we get to these projects.

If you continue down the hall, you’ll come across our main floor half bath.


More of the slate that needs to be replaced at some point...


No baseboards until the tile is replaced.

And then you’ll get to the kitchen. You’ve probably seen all you need to of the kitchen, but let’s just take a quick peek at the before and after since the after is so pretty!



Off the kitchen is the laundry room which you saw a little of during the kitchen remodel process. It’s usually a disaster, and today was no different. Not only do we use it for laundry, but it’s also our main ‘mudroom’ and you’ll see we are in desperate need of some organization in there. I have no official before picture of it, but I was able to find a progress shot.



If you think this side's a mess...

And the other side:

Just keeping it real...

So ends the tour of our house as it stands today! You can see the baseboards have all been installed on the main floor!! Can I get a woot woot!?! We still need to sand, caulk, and paint, so don’t get too carried away with your wooting.

Mike spent this weekend working on installing the trim upstairs in the bedrooms while I cleaned and did laundry downstairs. Hopefully he didn’t leave too many holes for me to puddy! We’re just going to continue to chug along on this project until it’s done. Nothing else is going to get in it’s way…

(aside from the 3 bathrooms… but that’s another project for another day).


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