There’s Nothing Like Puppy’s Love

4 Apr

As you know, this blog is all about our process of making our house a home. We’ve been making tweaks and changes for the past 2 years to achieve that goal, but for the past 2 years, there’s been something someone else that’s helped make this house feel more like a home than any change or update Mike or I made. Shortly after we bought the house, we knew we needed a puppy to fill the house with fur love. Enter Puppy.

At the time, Puppy was a 14 year old black lab looking for a home. I was looking for an actual puppy, but, Puppy was very handsome and already house trained so he was the perfect fit for us! Going into the adoption, we were fully aware of the average lifespan of a large dog (and he was pretty near that mark), but we knew we couldn’t let him live the end of his days in a kennel.

Who knew it would be 2 years before he reached the end of his days!?! And over these past 2 years, Puppy has given us more love and joy than we knew what to do with. He loved us even when we tried to change his name to Bucky, or Poppy, or Pippy, and yes, we even called him “poopy” on occasion (he had some smelly farts)! You see, we felt sort of silly calling for “Puppy” when a big black dog with a gray chin came running trotting over. You may be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but I’m not sure you can teach an old dog a new name despite our best efforts to make it sound enough like “Puppy” to be close enough. In the end, we decided the name Puppy was too endearing to mess with!

Yesterday we had to put Puppy down after an x-ray revealed internal bleeding. I won’t go into all the details because that’s not what I want to remember with this post. I really just wanted to make sure I remembered some of my favorite Puppy memories.

It’s only been a few days but I already miss coming home to a tail anxiously thumping against the carpet and his happy Puppy squeals when I walk in the door. There’s absolutely nothing like a dog’s version of “welcome home, glad you’re back!”

I remember the first thunderstorm after the vet recommended we put a t-shirt on him to help calm his anxiety. (it apparently made him feel like he was being hugged) When we woke up the next morning the first time I almost died laughing he looked so hilarious in one of Mike’s t-shirts. I so wish we would’ve gotten photographic evidence of this. It would be sure to brighten a sad day. And wouldn’t you know, it actually worked to put a t-shirt on him!

And as much his insane need/desire to always have a toy in his mouth frustrated us, I wouldn’t have changed that about him. He certainly made his mark around our little town. People knew who Puppy was because he was the big, black dog with a bright red toy in his mouth on almost every walk he took!

I must admit, we were bad proud parents and don’t have a lot of pictures to remember him by, but here are a few Puppy pictures I was able to dig up:

A family photo- notice the red toy in his mouth! 🙂

Puppy the pumpkin cuddling with Mike

Puppy cuddling- again see that red toy!

More Puppy cuddles

Puppy liked to supervise our projects

But he wasn't so keen on actually helping 🙂

He may not have liked being called "Bucky" but he didn't mind rootin' for him!

I know Puppy is off now wherever puppies go and I hope he’s playing lots of fetch with his bright red toy or over-sized tennis ball, getting lots of ear rubs, and deep butt rubs every day.

I came across this poem this morning and thought it was quite fitting.


There’s a hole in my heart where a dog used to be.

He’s nuzzles my soul and is now part of me.

His pain is his life and I know what to do.

But when I release him, I’m losing me, too.

The Puppy I cradled two short years a go

is a ninety pound bundle of love and I know

that he’d lick away all of my tears if he could.

It’s his sense of duty to make me feel good.

It’s my obligation to do what is best.

The love of his “master” is put to the test.

It’s a wrenching and sorrowful way that we part;

it doesn’t hurt less when the head rules the heart.

There’s a hole in my heart where my dog has passed through.

When we say goodbye part of me will go too.

-Amy Waggoner





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