Puppy Love Part 2

22 Apr

We got a new puppy!!

Meet Riley Storck.

We got her on April 8th. She’s approximately 5 months old and is some type of beagle mix. And we’re in love.

Here’s the story about how little orphan Annie (Riley’s original name) came to be Riley Storck.

Mike and I always thought once Puppy was in doggy heaven we’d take a break from having a dog to care for. We didn’t plan on missing a puppy greeting at the end of a hard day at work as much as we did! Or puppy cuddles and wagging tails. But we did.

After we both agreed we wanted another dog to love, we started the process of finding the perfect pup for us. Four things that were important to us in our search: (1) house-trained, (2) good with kids, (3) young(ish), and (4) small(er than Puppy). Breed was less important, although I always wanted a beagle and Mike is in love with labs/golden retrievers. When we came across Riley, she met all 4 of the criteria and happened to be classified as a lab/beagle mix! Perfect! So we filled out the application to get a chance to meet her.

We passed the initial review and just had to wait for her foster family to contact us to set up a meeting. She was being fostered in Union Grove, which happened to be about 20-30 minute drive from my family (approx. 2 hrs from B-ville!) which is where we were headed Easter weekend. We waited and waited patiently for the foster family to call but when we hadn’t heard by Saturday afternoon of Easter weekend, we assumed we’d have to make another trip to the area to meet Riley a different day. Lucky for us the foster family called that evening and was available the next morning for us to meet her! It didn’t take long once we got there to decide Riley was the one for us. She was so loving and fun right away that she came home with us 30 minutes later!

Since getting her home, we’ve had so much fun getting to know her and teaching her new tricks! Neither of us had been around an actual puppy in a long time, so we were sort of overwhelmed with any real training. Fortunately for us, the doggy daycare center in town also has a dog behaviorist who came over and gave us all sorts of tips and tricks to keep in mind. We also picked up season 1 of the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan and Cesar Millan’s book Cesar’s Way. They’ve been really helpful with our efforts to act like Riley’s “pack leader” and not feel bad about disciplining her. If you ask Cesar, a dog needs just 3 things – (1) exercise, (2) discipline, (3) affection- in that order! But it sure is hard to be consistent!

As for Riley’s mad skillz, she is now able to do “Sit”, “Down”, and sort of “Stay” on command. It’s been a few days since she’s had an accident in the house (yay!!) and we are trying to train her to ring a bell when she needs to go out. So far she’s only done it successfully once a few days ago so I’m not sure when she’ll get the hang of it. But she definitely cuddles like a champ!

Oh and her name- you’re probably wondering how we came up with that. We had a hard time coming up with a name at first- where do you even begin? We eventually decided an Irish name would be fun so we spent some time googling first and last Irish names. The finalists were (1) Riley, (2) Regan, (3) Laney short for Delaney, and (4) Calli short for Callaghan. In the end Riley won because it was the only name we both agreed on. Calli was a close second.

Here are some pics of Riley at the dog park today.

Because of all the time and attention Riley has required, the house projects have taken a back seat, but we are hoping to get the baseboards finished soon (ish). This weekend we were able to get the downstairs baseboards almost finished. I’ll give updates later on why we didn’t get it all done. Hopefully we’ll be able to tackle the rest of the trim upstairs in the next week or two. We’ll see how things go- Mike’s company is moving next weekend so it’s unlikely we’ll get it all done but you never know!

Enjoy the end of your weekend!


2 Responses to “Puppy Love Part 2”

  1. Janice April 24, 2012 at 9:24 pm #

    Yea! I’ve been waiting to get a Riley update.


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