Just Keep Swimming

29 Apr

Sometimes you just have to channel Dory from Finding Nemo. That’s how the baseboard saga has been at least.

One of the reasons this project has taken longer than we’d hoped is due to the fact that nothing in our house is square or level. Several times we’d bring in a cut piece of trim only to realize that we had to cut it slightly different due to the slope of the floor or angle of the corner in the room. Thank goodness for wood filler and caulk!

In the dining room, we came across the biggest challenge to date. I wish I would’ve taken a before picture because it’s that good. After putting up all the baseboards and surveying our handywork, we came cross a gap between the baseboard and the floor that was easily >1/2 an inch! Now we’ve dealt with smaller gaps easily with caulk, however this was just way too big of a gap for that. Fortunately we bought stock in wood filler (just kidding), so we had a ton of it at home. Mike and I both took turns filling the gap, sanding it down and repeating. Today it looks something like this:

It’s not exactly beautiful yet, but we’re hoping after sanding one more time that a strip of caulk along the top and bottom and a 2 coats of white paint will do wonders. Fingers crossed. Of course we’ll keep you updated if we fail…

I had thought this was the last part of the baseboards that needed to be painted downstairs (aside from the laundry room which will be done later this year and the bathroom which will be done???), but when I went into the pantry for something the other day, I realized we forgot to caulk and paint in there! That is when I had to tell myself “Just keep swimming!”

So much for finishing the trim by May! The good news is the rest of the first floor is happy. Someday…

On another note, here’s an updated photo of Riley. I can’t believe how big she’s getting. She barely fits in her crate:


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