Out the Window

16 May

I should know by now that nothing goes according to plan. What I should really do when I come up with any sort of timeline is throw it out the window the second I make it. Remember when I announced our “unofficial deadline ” of completing the trim by the end of April? Well it’s now nearing the end of May and we still are not done!

Of course, we weren’t really expecting Puppy’s passing, or to get a new actual puppy so quickly, or for that new puppy to require so much time and attention! We also threw in an unplanned trip to Mike’s hometown when his grandpa passed away. So it is not surprising we didn’t get as much work done as we had anticipated. But we are doing our best and just chugging along when we can.

This past weekend, Mike and I worked in the bedrooms. Remember the last time you saw the bedrooms they looked like this:

So before we could do anything, we had to empty out the bedrooms. Finding room for everything was sort of a challenge… but we found some spare spaces:

Our guest bathroom- hopefully we have no guests anytime soon…

Our hall closet could use some organization…

We even found room for a few more things in our bedroom

We did attempt to minimize some of the clutter by taking things we knew we didn’t need or use anymore out to the garage for our future rummage sale (date TBD) but as you can tell we still had quite a few things that needed a temporary new home.

Then we tackled sanding all the trimwork and during the process, remembered the corners in all the baseboards need another wood putty application! We also ripped out the carpet and carpet pad in preparation for getting new carpet!

Here is how the spare bedrooms look like now:

So what’s next?

  • Call Mike’s brother’s carpet guy to have him measure and find out if it’s worth saving the tack strips or replacing them when the new carpet is installed (if he thinks they should be replaced, we will have to rip them out…)
  • Finish puttying the corners and sand again as needed
  • Tape, caulk, and paint
  • Fix a hole in the wall by the stairs (you have yet to see this- I’ll share pictures when we get there)
  • Rip out the carpet on the stairs
  • Install the baseboard on the stair landing then tape, caulk, paint
  • Paint the side of the stairs (I don’t know what they’re called) and the handrail
  • Shop for new carpet
  • Install new carpet
  • Finish theĀ dining room baseboard

It seems like these lists are never ending! The goals for this weekend include bullet number 1 and 2 and possibly 3. It depends on how much Riley let’s us accomplish.

Speaking of, here are a couple of pictures I got of Riley in one of her favorite sleeping positions:

And here’s one more before I go:

If only she always sat that nicely! Wish us luck!


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