How’d we do?

21 May

I’m sure you all (whoever you are) have been sitting on the edge of your seats since the last blog post wondering how much we were going to get accomplished this weekend. So I am happy to say we got quite a bit done (more than I honestly expected at least)!

Let’s see how we are doing on the ol’ checklist:

  • Call Mike’s brother’s carpet guy Skip (I learned his name since writing the last post) to have him measure and find out if it’s worth saving the tack strips or replacing them when the new carpet is installed (if he thinks they should be replaced, we will have to rip them out…)
  • Finish puttying the corners and sand again as needed
  • Tape, caulk, and paint
  • Fix a hole in the wall by the stairs (you have yet to see this- I’ll share pictures when we get there)
  • Rip out the carpet on the stairs
  • Install the baseboard on the stair landing then tape, caulk, paint
  • Paint the side of the stairs (I don’t know what they’re called) and the handrail
  • Shop for new carpet
  • Install new carpet
  • Finish the dining room baseboard
  • Tape, caulk, paint the trim in the pantry and hall closet (yes, this is a newly added item)

It feels really good to have the bedroom trim done and almost ready for new carpet. Almost ready means, we (or Skip) needs to pull up the staples and finish cleaning the floor for the new stuff but that seems like a minor detail now that the trim is looking good! See for yourself:

What? You don’t see a difference?!?! I don’t blame you, but let me tell you, it’s AMAZING! Let me give you a close-up to make it a little easier to see:

Yes this is a different room than the previous pic (the next one is too)

Still too far away? Let’s get a bit closer:

What do you think? Doesn’t the strip of caulk make it look that much more finished?

This coming weekend will probably be more fun than hard work, but there are a few things we hope to do this week. The first is to finally call Skip so we can have some accurate measurements when we go carpet shopping. The second is to hopefully go carpet shopping and take advantage of memorial day sales (although, we are not sure they have carpet sales anywhere…). This would only get done if Skip can come measure this week. The third is to get started on the hole in the stairs. We’ll see how much we actually get done, but fingers crossed we can scratch something off our list next week!

While we were working on this stuff this weekend, Riley was hanging out outside. We tried crating her first since it was so warm out but she doesn’t really do well in her crate while we were home. Halfway through the morning we decided to put her outside for a bit we gave her lots of water, her new water bed that is supposed to keep her cool and some shade so she was well taken care of. About an hour later we went outside to let her in, we found this:

Riley hanging her head in shame at what she’s done…

Yes, Riley had chewed through the leash that she was hooked up on! Fortunately for us she just went and laid on the porch (or at least had the decency to be home from her neighborhood jaunts in a timely manner).  What a little stinker! She also knocked over her water dish. We’ve since corrected that potential problem by buying her a kiddy pool- she definitely won’t be knocking that over!

Since I know she’s the popular part of any of these posts, here are a couple more pictures of her:

In her “formal” look – perhaps we should take her out with us on our anniversary dinner this week?

Have a wonderful week!


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