Dear Liza

31 May

There’s a hole in the bucket wall, dear Liza, dear Liza.

For those of you not familiar with this song, please check this video out. For some reason, the hole in the wall by the stairs always made me think of that song. Anyways, this past weekend Mike spent some time working on that hole.

In that photo, you can see some plywood from when we fixed the other side of the hole. Behind it is the dining room. That side got patched when we painted all the downstairs rooms. Since we are getting ready to replace the carpet in the house, the stair side needed fixin’. However, it was not only missing drywall, but also the stringer (or at least I think that’s what it’s called). See the other side for a reference:

I believe that ugly brown thing is called a stringer. Anyways, we needed to mimic that on the other side of the stairs. So Mike worked diligently while Riley played at doggy day care and I frolicked on the Lake Michigan beach in Indiana. Here’s what we ended up with:

You can see here that Mike also removed all the carpet and the staples! It still needs another 1-2 coats of Spackle on the drywall but we’re making good progress thanks to my handy hubby!

He also found time to put up the trim on the landing, too:

And take the carpet and staples off the long stretch of stairs as well:

However, it was a more dangerous job than anyone would’ve thought. Apparently the carpet was full of staples so Mike walked away with quite a few scrapes. Take his arm for example:

His other and arm and thighs look pretty similar. Who would’ve thought?!?

We did try carpet shopping on Memorial Day, but it the carpet stores were all closed. There goes our “Memorial Day Sale” idea. However, we were successful at getting a hold of Skip, so we know how much carpet we will need to buy when we get a chance to shop.

So how are the rest of things looking on our little “To Do List?” Let’s update it:

  • Call Mike’s brother’s carpet guy Skip (I learned his name since writing the last post) to have him measure and find out if it’s worth saving the tack strips or replacing them when the new carpet is installed (if he thinks they should be replaced, we will have to rip them out… I think we’ll be able to keep them!!)
  • Finish puttying the corners and sand again as needed
  • Tape, caulk, and paint
  • Fix a hole in the wall by the stairs (technically it still needs a few more layers of spackle…)
  • Rip out the carpet on the stairs
  • Install the baseboard on the stair landing then tape, caulk, paint
  • Paint the side of the stairs (I don’t know what they’re called- did we decide they were called stringers?) and the handrail
  • Shop for new carpet
  • Install new carpet
  • Finish the dining room baseboard
  • Tape, caulk, paint the trim in the pantry and hall closet

Well, that’s looking pretty good if you ask me! The agenda this weekend includes completing the additional spackling of our hole, puttying the nail holes on the trim and other stair doo-dads, sanding all this puttying, finish prepping that terrible baseboard in the dining room for caulk and paint, and shop for new carpet. I’m also hoping that we will finally hang up the gallery wall in the dining room. I’m tired of looking at our paper bag template!

If the weather stays this cold (I’m not even sure it got above 50 today) we’ll likely be pretty productive! Although, we will have to make sure to exercise this girl:

Right now she’s completely passed out with half her body in her dog bod, and half her body on the floor. She’s an odd one. AND very tired as usual from doggy daycare. We love that place!!

I hope to be back with an update and to cross more stuff off our to do list! Stay warm…


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