How does Monday work?

3 Jun

So this weekend proves that Mike and I probably could have had the trim done much quicker. I guess it’s not just the unevenness of our house that makes things take longer- we generally prefer to take our time! We just don’t like to admit it…

Saturday we dropped Riley off at doggy day care since we planned to do some shopping and nail hole puttying and didn’t want to feel like we were neglecting her. We started off by making the rounds of the local carpet stores (6 in total when you include Home Depot and Menards). Our goal was to find remnants for each of the rooms and the stairs to help keep costs down. Skip was going to get us the carpet pad on a deal because he “knows a guy,” so we didn’t even need to think about that. When we were able to, we picked up samples so we could try and test them out in the rooms to see if they looked ok with the paint.

I forgot to take a picture of our sample stack before we returned them- it looked a bit more neutral. Photo found here

The first store we went to was willing to put a couple of options “on hold” for us for a few days so we could look at samples in the room and think about it. Another store had a few samples we could take with but we didn’t put anything on hold. We had found a few options for our smallest room, the 2 larger rooms were more of a challenge. It wasn’t until the last carpet store we found something large enough, cheap enough, that felt good, too. This remnant had only been out for a day (they hadn’t had a chance to put a sticker on it, yet). The salesman said we were the 3rd or 4th person to look at it – which who knows what that means, but I wouldn’t be surprised. We went back and forth, and ultimately ended up buying it on the spot. It barely fit in our SUV, but we made it home. After that we brought the samples in the house and started seeing what worked. At the end of the day we had picked up carpet for 2 of the rooms and the stairs and planned to call one of the stores to get the last room cut from an end of roll clearance that we could pick up as soon as Monday. It wasn’t as low-price as the rest, but we were finding it a challenge to find something large enough for that room anyways. When it was all added up, the average cost was less than $1.50/sq foot. We were pretty happy with that number based on all the carpet we looked at.

So, with the carpet situation figured out and Riley home from daycare, we called Skip to let him know we had the goods and to figure out what his timeline was. That’s when he asked, “How does Monday work?” Uh… we hadn’t even puttied the nail holes in the stairs, let alone painted and we definitely wanted that done before carpet got installed. Since Skip lives more than an hour away, coming back to do the stairs certainly wasn’t in his game plan- so it couldn’t be in ours either. We also had to remove all the staples from the bedrooms. That’s when we kicked it into high gear.

Out came the wood putty and spackle. Mike started spackling the hole in the wall. I started filling the nail holes. Riley started chewing on things so we’d pay attention to her. Riley went outside, I taped for caulking, Mike pulled out staples. Then we ordered PIZZA! I felt like we were back in the days with no kitchen again. After pizza and an episode of Secret Millionaire, we sanded, vacuumed, and wiped down the trim. Then, Mike caulked. Riley finally slept and I felt like joining her! By 10:30 pm we were playing the waiting game while the caulk dried. Thank goodness- we were ready for bed.

This morning we had to get started priming right away if we were going to get it all done. So that’s what Mike did. After priming, we took Riley to the dog park for some fun- we had 4 hours to kill and she definitely needed some attention from mom and dad. When we got back I worked on some laundry and we hung some pictures until it was time to start painting. 1 hour later, we were back to the waiting game, but no time to watch paint dry. More laundry, grocery shopping, and playing with Riley (yep, we took her to the dog park again!) took up the time. Before you know it, we were back to putting on the last coat of paint! I can’t believe we got it all done in just over 24 hours. That’s a lot of stuff we get to cross off our to do list!

  • Call Mike’s brother’s carpet guy Skip (I learned his name since writing the last post) to have him measure and find out if it’s worth saving the tack strips or replacing them when the new carpet is installed
  • Finish puttying the corners and sand again as needed
  • Tape, caulk, and paint
  • Fix a hole in the wall by the stairs (technically it still needs a layer or two more of spackle…)
  • Rip out the carpet on the stairs
  • Install the baseboard on the stair landing then tape, caulk, paint
  • Paint the side of the stairs (I don’t know what they’re called- did we decide they were called stringers?) and the handrail
  • Shop for new carpet
  • Install new carpet
  • Finish the dining room baseboard
  • Tape, caulk, paint the trim in the pantry and hall closet
  • hang the pictures

So here’s what things are looking like after all that hard work:

We didn’t quite get all of the spackling done here but it won’t take long to finish it

And the long awaited (at least by me) gallery wall

No, that’s not your eyes. There are 2 empty frames hanging. We have a plan though. So someday we will get ‘er done!

I still can’t stop thinking that this time tomorrow, we will have the carpet completed! What will we do next?!?


4 Responses to “How does Monday work?”

  1. Janice June 4, 2012 at 7:51 pm #

    oh my gosh, can I make a suggestion!

    • mj June 4, 2012 at 8:04 pm #

      Yes you can! What’s the suggestion?


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