Soft and Squishy

8 Jun

My favorite thing to do the last couple of days is walk around upstairs barefoot. The new carpet is so soft and squishy! We still need to vacuum the bedrooms but we got most of the clean-up done the other night after Skip left.

I know you are all just here for the pictures. And let’s be honest- what more can I say about the carpet? We love it. Here are the photos you’ve been waiting for:

We still need to take down the tape… but it looks like we may need to get a 3rd coat of paint on the handrail first… now we have to be careful not to get it on the carpet!

Room #1.

A close up of room #1. You can see some of the stragglers that need to be vacuumed here

Room #2.

Room #3.

Riley checking out the new carpet. Wonder what she thinks of it all…


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    […] Here’s a quick peak at the 2 guest rooms upstairs (or should I say clutter rooms….) as they are now – we have no photos of the originals (other than our series of carpet/trim posts: here, here, here, here, and here . […]

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