Doggy Paddle

10 Jun

This weekend consisted of very minimal house projects. My family came to b-ville to help celebrate Mike’s Birthday. He’ll be 29 on Wednesday so we had to whoop it up and kick off his final year in the 20s right! Per his request we headed to the Dane for some food and brews. It ended like any wild party should, with beer root beer on the floor! We aren’t as young as we once were…

Riley was also top priority for us this weekend. With no pressing house projects to be accomplished, we wanted to do something extra fun with her. Living near a river and a lake, we wanted a dog who loves the water, however, when we bought a kiddy pool for her a few weeks back to help keep her cool we couldn’t get her near it! So when he headed to the dog park on the Yahara River, we were not very optimistic we’d get her in the water. We were fully prepared to walk away disappointed but we did not! See for yourself:

She pretty much loved the water! It certainly was slow going at first, but she got the hang of it pretty quick once she saw the other dogs splashing around. She didn’t go very far- most of the time she’d only go as deep as she could safely stand, but she would do a version of the doggy paddle if the tennis ball went outside her reach.

Here‘s a video of her romping around.

After all of that playing, we had to give her a bath. She did NOT like that! It’s so funny how dogs have a selective love for water. When we went back in to the air conditioned home, she was still a little wet and now a little cold. We had to bundle her up in a blankie for her to nap. It was quite cute-

Ok, that’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed Riley’s escapades this weekend!



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