On the Fence

23 Aug

Yep, we’re talking fences today. Our nearly 3 month hiatus from all things house has been wonderful, but as the weather cools (is it weird that I think 70’s is “cool?”) down we are getting our minds re-focused. We are particularly thinking how much it will stink to have to stand outside with Riley in the middle of the winter while she does her business- it takes her FOREVER sometimes! Aside from that, she also likes chasing bunnies and birds and dogs walking by, so, a fence is a must! Did I mention I’d like a bit of privacy, too, when hanging out outside? With a corner lot, you don’t get much of it!

That’s where the easy part ends and where the dilemma starts. I have two fence polls (or poles!?). (1) Where should the fence borders be? and (2) What type of fence should we use? We need your help. Here’s a very basic  rendition of the layout of our lot today:

And in case that leaves too much to the imagination, here is a shot of the front of our house from the driveway:

So here’s your chance to give your 2 cents… what would you do with the fence borders?

Option 1: Have a 5′ to 6′ privacy fence around only the “backyard” and a 4′ fence in the “frontyard” (see borders in brown)

Here are some thoughts we have about option 1:

  • We are leaning towards this one because we have a decent sized side yard that we wouldn’t want to miss out on “playing” in and we don’t want to feel claustrophobic in our “backyard” with less fenced-in area (see option 2)
  • This is more expensive as it’s slightly more fence
  • We don’t want the fence to take away from one of our favorite house features- our wrap-around porch
  • We worry a little that Riley (or any other dog) may be able to jump over a 4′ fence
  • This may help “force” people to use our actual “entryway” where we have a coat closet(far end of the house from the driveway) then come in through our kitchen – also some people think it’s 2 homes so this may help clarify things

Option 2: Have a 5′ to 6′ privacy fence only, but stop short of the stairs leading to the porch (see borders in brown)

Here are our thoughts on option 2:

  • This will cost less because it is less fence
  • We don’t have to worry about Riley jumping out
  • We won’t have to go through a gate to get to the house (although once we park in the garage then we will…)

And your vote is…

Now, what type of privacy fence should we use?

Option 1: Basic Dog Ear (ignore the fancy post toppers)

Here are our thoughts on this fence:

  • This is the cheapest option
  • It’s a little boring/plain

Option 2: Shadow Box

Here’s what we are thinking on this type of fence:

  • At the right angle you can see through the fence into the yard (here’s an example)
  • It’s more intricate/interesting and therefore more expensive
  • We are leaning toward this one because it isn’t so plain Jane

So what do YOU think?

We’ve had 2 people come out and give quotes. I can’t seem to get over how expensive it is and the price difference between the styles, but one company was quite a bit cheaper than the other one. We’re going to try and get a look at each of the two styles of fence in person from the cheaper company to make sure we are happy with the quality of their work. And then we have to make a decision!

And to end things off on a good note, here’s a cutie patootie picture of our girl Riley-

This is a picture of our tubing adventure! She didn’t do too bad- even napped on a tube for about an hour. However, Mike did end up chasing her around quite a bit- 4 hours down the river is a little long for her!

We’ve had quite a bit of fun (family wedding, week on Silver Lake, tubing, visiting good friends) during our break from house projects and perhaps I’ll be back with more photos of the highlights at some point.

On an unrelated note- Happy 8 days to Badger kick-off!! It’s my favorite time of year, of course.

Hope you enjoyed this fence post… Haha, I am so hilarious sometimes 🙂


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