Where do we go from here?

9 Sep

For those of you looking for an update on the fence, I’m sorry. I’ll be back with those soon. Thanks to everyone who participated in our polls! We did make a decision and sent the down payment in, we’re just waiting for supplies to be delivered before we get more of a timeline.

In the meantime, I thought We’d take a look back and see what’s left to accomplish on our list of goals for 2012. We outlined our goals for 2012 here and I’ve been curious to see what else we have to get crossed off this list to call this year a success. We’ve been keeping a running log as well and crossing things off as we go.

At the start of the year, this is what we were looking at tackling.

  • Finish the baseboards (this includes: ordering, installing, puttying, sanding, and painting 4 bedrooms and their closets, the dining room, the kitchen, the laundry room, the pantry; this does not include the 3 bathrooms that need to be re-tiled- yup that darn slate)
  • Paint touch ups
  • Build in washer and dryer
  • Build “lockers” for mudroom space off the kitchen
  • Fix the stairs and finish painting everything white
  • New carpet in the 3 bedrooms and the stairs
  • Trim out bedroom closet openings
  • Insulate the garage
  • Fix garage vent
  • Replace porch stairs before we fall through them
  • Replace our mailbox before it falls off the stand
  • Paint exterior portion of windows and doors

Here’s what’s left:

  1. Although our goal to finish the baseboards is nearly done, I still can’t cross it off the list! What’s left you might ask? Well, the baseboards still need to be installed in the master bedroom, our closet, and the laundry room (not to mention the 3 bathrooms, but that was never going to happen this year…). We also need to finish puttying/sanding/caulking/painting in the pantry and upstairs hall closet. I’m still hoping to get those done this year- maybe once fall rolls in and I don’t mind being indoors again? Maybe.
  2. It’s amazing that something as simple as paint touch ups still hasn’t been done! We’re hoping to do some painting on the exterior windows/doors one of these weekends once the weather cools a bit more, so I think we will try to do some paint touch-ups while we have the brushes out.
  3. At this point in the year, I had no plans to have even touch the laundry/mud room. My hope is to get that done these last few months. We just need to figure out how much we want things to match the kitchen, and if we want to keep the washer and dryer raised.
  4. With the addition of a fence to our 2012 plans, the garage will likely take a back burner. However, it would be nice to have the vent fixed so that leaves, snow, rain, other debris, etc don’t find their way into the garage. We will have to see if time still allows this to get done. It is definitely losing priority points in my book! (sorry Mike)
  5. And yes, we STILL need to fix our stairs and mailbox. Those of you who have visited know that these stairs are certainly hazard- thankfully no one has gotten hurt yet, but we are running out of luck I think! I’m hoping that once the fence stuff starts, we’ll get motivated to tackle these other outdoor projects.

So it seems we haven’t accomplished as much as I thought! With only 1/4 of the year to go, I think it is time to re-prioritize. Here’s how I think the rest of the year will pan out:

  • Badger Football games! (this is top priority in my book- On Wisconsin!)

Yes, this is an old photo. We need to do a better job of taking pictures of the two of us!

  • Install a fence (or pay someone too..)
  • Fix our stairs and maybe our mailbox, too
  • Finish installing the baseboards in the master
  • Build in our washer and dryer

The rest of September weekends are pretty booked with football and family so it may be awhile before we make progress on anything. Hopefully we will have fence progress to share in the next couple of weeks, though. I’ll keep you updated of course! Enjoy Sunday Funday- Go Pack Go!


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