Our Side of the Fence

18 Sep

We have progress!! This morning the fencers came to start digging holes for the posts. If everything goes according to plan we will have a finished fence by this weekend.

So, now you are probably wondering how the polls turned out. It was fun watching the votes roll in! The overwhelming masses (i.e. all 11 of you, making up 100%) would choose the shadow-box fence. Which means, you may be surprised to know that we chose the dog-eared fence in the end, anyways. In the beginning I was pretty sure I wanted anything but a dog eared fence, but we had the opportunity to look at some of the fences installed by the company we chose. After doing that, we were both convinced that dog-eared was the way to go. It’s simple, but well-built and sturdy and when weighing everything in, it just didn’t seem worth the extra costs to go with anything more fancy.

As for where to put the fence, this was a much closer race- separated only by one vote. Option 1 won out and this time we went with the majority. Here’s a reminder on option 1 (see brown line for fence boundaries):

So we are at the end of day 1- post holes dug, posts cemented in place, and stringers installed. Here’s some photographic evidence of the hard work our fence guys did today.

In action installing the posts:

Pardon the cell phone shot- I was sneaking a peak!

The backyard prepped for a 6′ privacy fence:

The front yard prepped for a 4′ “picket” fence:

Look at all those boards ready to be placed- So exciting!

Here’s a shot showing how close we are to our neighbors! Crazy!

Here’s hoping I’ll be back tomorrow with pics of some more progress!

Of course I always like to end a post with a shot of our cutie girl, Riley. Currently she’s on the injured reserve list at doggy daycare due to a minor injury (she’ll get the stitches out on Friday- fingers crossed anyways). Sorry for another cell phone shot, but it’ll have to do. Have a great week!


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