Random Happenings

11 Nov

Despite weddings and Badger games every weekend in September and October, we’ve managed to squeeze in an itsy bit of time to work on house stuff. This is certainly made possible because of the fence. We can get our DIY on and Riley can shake her groove thang run around like a crazy redneck in the yard. Although she has become quite the escape artist- we really need to fix our porch to make it puppy proof!

About a year ago we picked up an old dresser/buffet at an estate sale that I wanted to refinish and make pretty in a guest room or someday nursery. We also picked up a beat up dresser for free down the street this summer that needed some love, too. But with other house stuff going on, we haven’t taken the time do anything with them until now. Mike’s goal is to get them finished so he can clear space in the garage before winter falls. He’s been busy sanding/stripping the dressers so they’re ready for paint and stain soon.  Here are some before shots of one of the dressers for you to enjoy. Hopefully, I’ll have to photos soon.

That leaves the rest of November and December for us to fit in the rest of our 2012 goals- the laundry/mud room, the trim, and fixing our porch steps and mailbox (updated version). Which, when you throw the holidays in there, makes it much more challenging. Last weekend, we met with our kitchen designer in an effort to make some progress on the laundry half of our laundry/mud room. Our goal is to build in the washer-dryer so they are hidden when not in use and add a utility type sink and extra storage. We (I?) got the idea from my parents (Thanks, mom and dad! – Mike’s thank you is less enthusiastic- haha).

Here’s what theirs looks like to give you an idea:

Of course ours will match our kitchen a bit more (aka white cabinets) . We hope to get some estimates and a timeline finalized in the next week or two. It’s possible/likely that this won’t really get tackled until early next year, but I suppose it all depends on how quickly the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

We also decided that our best bet to get this room in/under/close? to budget is for us to DIY the mudroom half of the room! We found a few plans online that we are planning to tweak to fix our style, space, and needs a bit more. I’ll share those plans and ours once things get finalized and we get a bit closer to making some progress. I think we may try to get the trim in the master done first to get as much of it out of the garage before winter. So it sounds like we will have some repeat goals in 2013. C’est la vie!

Perhaps the most shocking (?) update of all is that we said goodbye to our Audi this weekend! It was bittersweet, but was a good decision for the long haul. It was getting high-ish in miles and we knew there’d be some bigger (read- more expensive) maintenance required soon – Audi’s are not cheap to repair! Filling it with premium gas was also starting to get old. So what did we end up with? A 2010 Mercury Milan with AWD, sync technology, and nearly 60K less miles than the Audi had. I know, I know… Mercury Milan?!? It does seem like a lame car compared to the Audi, but it is pretty nice and next to new. It’s also a bit bigger so we can fit friends in the car comfortably! I haven’t had a chance to take any real photos, so you’ll have to stop by and check it out!

Well, that’s what’s happening in our neck of the woods. What’s going on in yours?


2 Responses to “Random Happenings”

  1. Kathy Kusters December 19, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    Your grandma O’Laughlin told me about your “amillionprojects. I am enjoying this sooo much. What a wonderful job you & Mike are doing on your home, it looks great. Love the kitchen!! I noticed Riley also has a stocking hung, love it.

    By the way the last time we met you were about 4, I am your dad’s aunt Kathy. Keep up the good work and enjoy your Christmas.

    • mj December 20, 2012 at 9:53 am #

      Thanks for checking in! We are having a lot of fun fixing up our house and making it homey. The kitchen has definitely been our favorite project so far. Have a very merry Christmas!!

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