Deck The Halls

25 Nov

I still find it hard to believe that Thanksgiving weekend and has come and gone (well, almost gone) and Christmas is a month a way! We had a fabulous Thanksgiving feast with Mike’s family and then hung out with some of my family for a bit this weekend. All in all it was a wonderfully relaxing holiday. Hopefully you were also able to kick off the holiday season by enjoying some quality family time, too!

The past few years, we have spent the day after Thanksgiving picking out our Christmas tree and putting up holiday decorations.  With the hardwood floors throughout the main level, we’ve been hesitant to put a real tree in a place that water damage could be a problem. Last year, we tempted fate and put up our tree in the living room and a few weeks later, we noticed a bit of water damage on the wood floor. So, what did we do?? We pushed the decorated tree into our entryway since it’s tiled. This is where our tree went the year before. The downside of it being in there is that we don’t get to really enjoy/see it in the rest of the house. So, this year we decided to spend the day debating the merits of a real vs artificial Christmas tree. What do you think won? Would you be disappointed if I told you artificial?? There definitely is a sort of magic with real Christmas trees, but after discussing the pros/cons of each, an artificial tree just felt like the smarter decision. For those of you thinking of getting an artificial tree, we ordered ours from Milaeger’s and we’re picking it up next week! I did buy a balsam fir scented candle to help “trick” us into thinking it’s real! Here’s a picture of what our tree should look like (courtesy of Milaeger’s website). It’s 6.5′ tall (we have short ceilings!).

The rest of the house did get some holiday spirit, thanks to my mom! When visiting with my grandmas this weekend, she helped “deck the halls” while we watched the badger game (insert sad face here as they suffered another gut wrenching loss…). The majority of the decorations we have are hand-me-downs and my ever growing Christmas Tree Collection. I like to pick them up at the end of Christmas sales. I think the next trees on my list are going to be some of the larger 3′ or 4′ trees. Shhh… don’t tell Mike though! I’m pretty sure he is not as big of a fan our tree collection as I am! Here are some pics of the decorating thanks to my Mom.

The nutcracker collection in the dining room

A few of our trees with Mike’s award winning photo!

One half of the entry window with some more trees and our Christmas tree topper for now

The other half of the entry window with some vase filler in a domed cheese platter

This table caused quite the debate over what went where. All in good fun though!

Some little trees with some little penguins… surrounded by Mike and I in our formal attire!

And, just so it doesn’t look like I did nothing this weekend, here are a few snippets of the decorating I did all by myself! Haha.

This was a hard window to photograph. Here are our stockings surrounded by the last (and newest) of the tree collection

Our stairway with some garland, dollar store ribbon, and the first Christmas cards of the season!

Mike and I also spent this morning putting up our Christmas garland outside. Last year, we wrapped it around both sides of the porch. This year, we decided to just do the front side and then the tops of the fence. What do you think?

I’ll be back soon with pics of our new artificial tree, but now it’s your turn to weigh in.


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