Revised Laundry Plans

9 Dec

Unlike our kitchen remodel, we had a budget in mind for our laundry room and we really hoped to stick to it this time. Because of this, it’s taken a little longer than expected to finalize the plans, but we officially put the deposit down so we could get the ball rolling (and beat the Dec 15 deadline for the promotion they had going on)!

Our original plan was to build in our washer and dryer with doors to hide them when not in use, like my parents:
opening doors

We planned to match the kitchen cabinets, hardware, crown molding around the entire room, etc.

Keeping our budget in mind, we anticipated the mudroom side would have to be mostly DIY, but we had our design guy quote it out just to see what it could cost to have it done all at once. Once we received the quote, our suspicions were confirmed- there was no way the mudroom would get done unless we did it ourselves! The downside to this is that it affects our crown molding plans in that room. Because our house is old and not square or level anywhere, we used 2 pieces of molding in the kitchen to get the seamless look. This meant we couldn’t do crown molding on the laundry side and add it in the rest of the room later (we’d have to take it down and put it back up at the same time- no thank you!). Ultimately we decided to axe the crown molding in the rest of the room and just put it over the cabinetry on the laundry room side and call it good. This helped bring the cost of the project down quite a bit, but still kept it well above budget.

So, we asked for more options that would help bring the cost down. Options included using laminate counter tops instead of corian, using different hardware than what we used in the kitchen, taking the doors off and leaving the washer/dryer exposed, holding off on the tile, and using upper cabinetry at standard depth (originally planned to keep it deep since the lower cabinet/counter area would be quite deep).  Based on the cost savings, we decided to change the hardware, hold off on the tile (and buy it from HD or elsewhere on our own), and take the doors off the washer/dryer. We strongly considered laminate instead of corian but knew we wouldn’t like the look of it for the long haul so we splurged a little on that. With the changes it’ll end up looking similar to this:


Left on our to do list for this side of the room:

  • Empty the room
  • Move washer and dryer so we can tear down the platform
  • Move some plumbing so it’ll be hidden behind the cabinets
  • Find a sink and faucet
  • Find hardware

As for a timeline, it’s estimated to be completed mid-January so we definitely have some time on our side, but we will be busy. I’ll  keep you posted as we finish our checklist.

Switching gears a bit, we did put up and decorate our new artificial Christmas tree and thought I’d share a pic of it looking so pretty to end the post.


Happy Holidays!


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