Another Step

10 Feb

A lot has happened since I last posted a few days ago. The laundry room is now functional!! Can I get a woot woot!?!

Here’s how it’s looking today:

Right when you walk into the house (pardon the mess- we are still a work in progress!)

Right when you walk into the house (pardon the mess- we are still a work in progress!)

I’ve been doing laundry all day and I love how things are working so far. And I don’t think I mind not having doors covering the washer and dryer; what do you think?

It’s been fun putting things away. The upper cabinets give us so much storage! We finally have a spot for our bulk TP and paper towel!  The cabinets are sooo deep so it’ll be a bit of a challenge to keep things organized. We’re planning to purchase a few of these so things don’t get lost in the back. It was perfect timing for a 10% off coupon to come in the mail.

Aside from organizing, there’s still plenty left to do before we can call the laundry side done, though.

Tomorrow, the carpenter is coming back to finish off a few things. We are have crown molding put up above the cabinets to match our kitchen. He’s also going to install the knobs on all the doors.

On Tuesday, the counter top people are coming to make a template and we will have counter tops in within 2 weeks!

After that, it’s up to us to finish things off! Hopefully we can keep the momentum going. Here’s our to do list for the rest of the laundry room:

  • Put up the hanging rod over the sink
  • Install the faucet
  • Install the sink
  • Tile the backsplash
  • Grout the backsplash
  • Paint the walls that need painting

I’ll leave you with a head on shot of the room. Laundry is definitely more fun, in this space (shhh… don’t tell Mike I said that)! Have a good week.




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