Too Ambitious and Our 2013 House Goals

16 Feb

When thinking about all the things we had hoped to accomplish this past year, I realize we were overly ambitious (as evidenced by our inability to finish the majority of our 2012 to do list)! That doesn’t stop us from planning an abundance of projects that will empty our checking account for this year! Here’s hoping we can be more productive in 2013…

Making the list this coming year are a few leftovers from 2012 that we didn’t quite cross off the list:

  • The laundry/mudroom (coming soon!)
  • Finishing the baseboards (except in the bathrooms)
  • Fixing the garage
  • Various painting projects- touch ups, windows/doors, etc

This year, we’ve added a biggie.

  • The porch and paver walkway

The wrap around porch was one of the biggest selling features for me. Growing up I spent many hours on our front porch playing with the neighbor kids and I always dreamed of having a nice porch to continue that tradition. Our porch certainly achieves that, however, there are some safety and aesthetic concerns in its current state. We also have a brick path that’s crumbling and doesn’t quite lead to the gate… the path to nowhere.

Of utmost importance, of course, are the safety issues. Number one on the list is fixing the main stairs that we use EVERY day- they wobble, they’re uneven, they don’t have a handrail (I’m ok with that but my Grandma, for example, is not). These absolutely need to be addressed and should’ve been taken care of a few years ago.

We also need to fix the handrails. Some of them are not attached correctly, the gaps between spindles are too big (as evidenced by Riley jumping through them!), and they just don’t look very pretty! So while we fix the safety stuff, we might as well make it look better, too.

Mike is also concerned with the roof support (I don’t know enough about it to also be concerned on my own, but I trust his judgement!). So he’d like to add additional support to prevent it from collapsing on us! Yikes.

That leaves the only untouched part of the porch as the floor, which is starting to look quite beat up. At the very least a few boards curling at the ends need to be replaced and the rest of the floor re-painted. My preference would be a natural wood porch floor so we may be stripping off the paint and staining everything instead. We’ll see how things go…

Here are a few pictures of what we’d like our porch to look like:

Pinned Image

Do you think we can add this view somehow? From here:

We also have a few projects that may get done if house funds allow after the porch is finished:

  • Office bookcase built-ins
  • Pantry storage and organization
  • First floor bathroom- tile, vanity, baseboards

Based on this long post, it doesn’t seem like we learned our lesson of being too ambitious! Oops! At least we will never get bored, right?

Here’s a summary of our game plan:

  • Build in washer/dryer- Laundry room side
  • Build mudroom lockers- Mudroom side
  • Organize the pantry
  • Finish the baseboards (this includes: the master bedroom/closet, the laundry room, the pantry)
  • Re-tile the main floor powder room
  • The garage- insulate¬† and fix the vent
  • Update/repair porch
  • Install paver walkway (and maybe a small patio in the backyard…)
  • Replace our mailbox before it falls off the stand
  • Paint exterior portion of windows and doors- and other odds and ends painting touch-ups
  • Build office bookcase built-ins

At least we are getting close to knocking off that first bullet on our list. A quick update there- the counters will be installed this week! How awesome is that?!?

Have a happy weekend!


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