Tackling Some Plumbing

2 Mar

Just a quick post so we can solicit some “Good Luck”… This weekend, we are trying our hand at some plumbing and we have never done this before! Luck and well wishes are definitely needed.

Mike’s at the store right now getting what we need to install the sink and faucet in the laundry room. We are planning to get the sink in today, but will hold off on the faucet until we get the backsplash tiled. We’ll also hang the rod for drying clothes if the plumbing goes smoothly…

Here’s hoping this DIY project does go off without a hitch because we still have a nice long list of things to get done. Here’s a reminder of what those tasks are. I’ve updated the list to include when I hope to have ’em done:

  • Put up the hanging rod over the sink (goal completion: 3/2)
  • Install the sink (goal: 3/2)
  • Paint the walls that need painting (goal: 3/9)
  • Tile the backsplash (goal: 3/21-3/22)
  • Grout the backsplash (goal: 3/23-3/24)
  • Install the faucet (goal: 3/24)

So, if all goes according to plan we will have this done by the end of the month! This is good, because I’d like the mudroom side done by mid-April (too ambitious?)…

I came across the plans for this¬†fun mudroom and we plan to adapt a bit. Mike’s dad gave us some wood that we are hoping to use for the bench seat.

I’m really hoping having this done will help us keep the kitchen a bit more organized… do you think it’ll help??

Happy Saturday!


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