Almost on Schedule

22 Mar

It’s been awhile since we’ve checked in on our laundry room progress. Let’s take a look where we left off on our checklist:

  • Put up the hanging rod over the sink (goal completion: 3/2)
  • Install the sink (goal: 3/2)
  • Paint the walls that need painting (goal: 3/9)
  • Tile the backsplash (goal: 3/21-3/22)
  • Grout the backsplash (goal: 3/23-3/24)
  • Install the faucet (goal: 3/24)

We did successfully paint the walls the weekend of 3/9. I don’t have any pictures to share as it wasn’t a big change. But, I can promise you we were happy to get ‘er done!

I had hoped to be writing today that we finished tiling the backsplash; however, the tile saw had another plan in mind for us. Mike and I took today off with the intention of tiling after the Badger game (don’t even get me started….).

We did the prep work before the game- planning our attack, determining our layout, and marking some vertical lines to make sure we stayed level.  The idea was we’d tile the section behind the sink first since that would be the most visible. This way we could make sure things didn’t get wonky at the most visible part. After we finished that part, we’d carry things to the right and do the part you can’t see very well due to the depth of the cabinets.

Things started off going well, but the water pump in the tile saw stopped working part way through the first section. I’m in the process of laying the tile in the final 1/3 of that first section when Mike walks in saying the tile saw is broken. The pump wouldn’t move the water to keep the saw blade cool. Boo!! Since the thinset was already on the wall and waiting for the tiles to be cut, we had to do some quick thinking. That’s when the hose came out and I sprayed the blade with our hose while Mike cut the remaining tiles. While it was effective, it halted progress with the remaining backsplash since cutting a tile became a 2 man job. And because the entire top and bottom rows of the remaining section over the washer/dryer required cuts, we decided to run to the hardware store for a new pump for the rest. If only Ace was still in Belleville!

By the time we got home, we didn’t have much time left before quitting time came.  Before we completely called it quits, Mike made the first row cuts so we could start off on a good note tomorrow.

So, technically we are bit behind schedule. However, we fully intend to finish this tile job this weekend!

Here’s a peek of today’s work:


Just getting started… this is before the tile saw fiasco


Moving on up the wall… just before the tile saw fiasco


Where we finished… thanks to the tile saw fiasco

We are both pretty happy with how things are looking. There are a few gaps along the edges, but we’re fairly confident that caulk will hide them. How do you think it looks? Anyone else have mid-house project problems that changed your game plan?

Here’s to hoping the real weekend goes smoothly and I’m back in a few days with completed laundry room pictures! Happy Friday!!


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