Let’s Prime Quick

14 Apr

I should’ve known by now that “Quick” should never be used in the same sentence as any project we tackle. It is rare that something is done quickly, but that’s what Mike and I found ourselves saying tonight. The good news is that we got to a point in the mudroom built-in that we could actually prime! We just forgot how much taping we’d have to do in order to prime… and then forgot we wouldn’t get to paint this week so we had to take the tape off right afterwards so our paint wouldn’t peal. We are so excited we get to tape things again when we paint!

Before we get to mudroom pictures, I thought I’d share a picture of the laundry room side since I haven’t given you a good view of the completed project.


I can’t quite fit the whole thing in the picture… at least not without changing lenses and I’m too lazy to do that! Since you last saw the space, the mismatched tile was grouted and the seams were caulked. So, I think we can officially call this DONE!

This project was definitely one of the more functional improvements we made. The storage has been awesome- and there’s still a ton of empty space in those cupboards. The sink has been used regularly. And of course, the counter top for folding laundry has been a big help! It’s also nice to have a place to hang clothes in the same space. All the little things that make life easier!

Now onto the fun stuff. Last time we showed you the mudroom, it looked like this:


Well, as I alluded to, we’ve been busy this weekend and it now looks like this:

untitled shoot-150

I’m pretty impressed with how it’s looking so far. It’s starting to look legit, right?Owing to the fact that our house is old and, like a woman, gets curvier with age, we had a hard time getting the wood to sit flush and look seamless. Hopefully, that won’t be too noticeable once we caulk the seams and paint everything nice and white.

Let’s update the to do list, shall we?

  • Grout our oops tile
  • Caulk the laundry room side
  • Put on the trim pieces for the bench
  • Stain the bench
  • Build a shelving unit on the left side of the bench
  • Build shelves under the bench for shoes
  • Install a shelf on top
  • Install other trim pieces
  • Prime, caulk/putty and paint the mudroom side
  • Someday… install a window along the back wall…. someday….

Next week we are headed to the Badger Spring Game (weather permitting) and the Brewer game so I doubt I’ll have an update for you for a couple of weeks. I’m not sure we’ll finish by the end of April, but we will sure try!

Have a great week!


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