Tape, Caulk, Paint, Repeat…

28 Apr

That’s been the theme around this house for the past 2-3 years as we finish the trimwork throughout our house. We got another room done this weekend!! With the addition of the laundry and mud room built-ins, the amount of baseboards needed became pretty small, so it wasn’t a lot of work to get ‘er done! No pictures this time (sorry), but you can imagine it probably looks like all of the other baseboard “reveals” we’ve had on the blog. I’ll be sure to include one when we show-off the completed bench… hopefully by the end of May!

We’ve been busy planning for our rummage sale on May 4 so we didn’t get much house stuff done. However, in addition to finishing the baseboards, we also got the mudroom built-in caulked and puttied, and one coat of stain on the bench seat! We also got some rough measurements and started brainstorming our porch overhaul- the next MAJOR project on our minds. We’ll share some deets as soon as we have a better game plan.

Hopefully in the next week we find time to finish pricing all of our rummage sale stuff, get another coat of stain on the bench seat, and buy the paint we are going to use for the rest of the built-in. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy this gorgeous evening and have a gin and tonic with the mister! Cheers!


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