Pantry Progress

12 May

Up until the laundry room plumbing mess, the pantry was not a priority. However, since things got started in January, we’ve been living with pantry items all throughout the house! So, while mudroom progress is stalled (staining/sealing the bench creates a lot of “dry time” that isn’t productive), we decided to tackle the pantry.

Here’s a reminder of where we last left off:


Sorry it’s not the best picture, but I was too lazy to take a better one of the space. Needless to say, it was a hot mess!

Here’s our to do list:

  • Drywall the plumbing wall
  • Remove the remaining “stuff” and shelves
  • Tape and mud the new drywall and Spackle all the holes the old shelving system left behind
  • Organize the media cords, etc
  • Re-install the trim, then putty, sand, caulk and paint it
  • Paint the walls
  • Buy and install new shelving system
  • Organize the crap

Well we have been busy so far and have crossed off #1, 2, 4 and are in the process of working on #3. We also have 1/2 of #7 done- we bought shelving this weekend at home depot. We also picked out and bought paint while we were there. Yay for progress!

Some of you may wonder why we don’t just re-use the shelving that’s there and while that is the most economical, I hated the wire shelving. Small things fall through the cracks and there’s no flexibility on the height between shelves so you end up with wasted space. My initial thought was to build our own custom wood shelving system, but I began to think it would be too much work and money for a pantry. So, the next best thing to offer the flexibility I wanted was the wall mounted metal track/bracket systems so you can change the shelf height pretty easily. Hopefully you know what I’m referring to?!?

After a nice, productive weekend, here’s where we stand now:


First coat of mud is on!


Cords will be hiding above the door- out of sight out of mind!

Sorry for the blurry pics. I didn’t realize they were blurry until I put them in the post. Oh well!

There will be a lot of sanding, mudding, repeating this week. We hope to have the pantry painted and the shelves installed by the end of next weekend! It’ll be so nice to have a usable space in there again!

While we’re here, let’s update the mudroom list, quick. Even though we haven’t got as far as we wanted, it’s always nice to cross things off the list.

  • Grout our oops tile
  • Caulk the laundry room side
  • Put on the trim pieces for the bench
  • Stain and steal the bench
  • Build a shelving unit on the left side of the bench
  • Build shelves under the bench for shoes
  • Install a shelf on top
  • Install other trim pieces
  • Prime, caulk/putty and paint the mudroom side
  • Install hooks
  • Someday… install a window along the back wall…. someday….


We’re hoping to have this done next weekend too… we are going to be a couple of busy bees this week!!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


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