It Always Takes Longer Than You Think

20 May

Last time I checked in, I had hoped to have the mudroom and pantry completed. Unfortunately, things always take longer than I think they do- or I forget the little things that need to be done in the middle. But, the good news is, we are getting closer and closer to crossing these off our To Do List!

This past weekend we spent quite a bit of time working on the pantry.

In just over 48 hours, it went from this:

Pantry room makeover "before"

The “before”

To this:

Pantry room makeover "after"

The after

We chose a nice, light and bright wall color to help open up the space and make it feel bigger than it really is. I definitely think it worked since Mike and I both walk in there the last couple of days exclaiming, “wow, it feels so much bigger in here!” You can see some of the old color along the back wall because we didn’t have enough paint to get it covered. That’s ok though- we are thinking of putting a sliding barn style door (like this) at the end of the pantry and before the stairs so you won’t notice it too much. It’ll be awhile before that’s done, though. Before we look at the rest of the to do list for this room, let’s take a close-up look at this nice and FUNCTIONAL pantry!

A view from the other side:

Pantry room makeover "after"

Pardon the hanging cords, I forgot to push them on the shelf where they belong!

The “baking section:”

Pantry room makeover "after"

Pasta, Rice, Snacks, and Beverages (coffee stuff, hot chocolate, and tea):

Pantry room makeover "after"

Oil, Vinegar, Soups, Dressings and Condiments:

Pantry room makeover "after"

and a box of spare parts…

Here’s to hoping it’ll stay this organized once it’s used on a daily basis. I’m loving how easy it is to find things so far so right now I’m optimistic.

Now, to update the list:

  • Drywall the plumbing wall
  • Remove the remaining “stuff” and shelves
  • Tape and mud the new drywall and Spackle all the holes the old shelving system left behind
  • Organize the media cords, etc (even though it doesn’t look like it with the dangler in these photos because it is pretty organized- at least compared to what it looked like)
  • Re-install the trim, then putty, sand, caulk and paint it (I should add prime the trim around the door- it wasn’t pre-primed like everything else)
  • Paint the walls
  • Buy and install new shelving system
  • Organize the crap
  • Prime and paint the plain wood shelf white
  • Hang the mop and broom  organizer on the back wall

New goal: finish by the end of May. I think we can do it!

What about the mudroom? It’s not quite finished either, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel here, too. This past weekend, we painted it Simply White using Valspar’s self-leveling paint. Even though Simply White wasn’t the color we had originally picked (we pointed to the wrong one on the sample chip card, oops!) it turned out great. We were debating between the two colors anyway. Maybe it was our subconscious telling us this was the right choice?

Currently, we are having the basket v. shelf debate for shoe storage. I think baskets are good for tennies, flats, sandals, slippers, etc- I have a lot of those and I wear different shoes most days (especially in the summer!) so my vote was for baskets.  Mike’s shoes aren’t as flexible and wouldn’t “tolerate” being tossed in a basket (think leather dress shoes for work). I think we are going to go with a combination of baskets and shelves. He has plenty of shoes that would work in a basket- his running shoes, sandals, slippers, driving mocs, etc and I have shoes that probably shouldn’t be “tossed” in a basket either (like my Dansko’s for work). It was hard work to find baskets that were short enough to save room for a shelf above it, but big enough to store a few pairs of shoes but I think we did it! Through the process I learned that TJMaxx has baskets from Pier1 for a fraction of the cost. Heck yeah!

So, now that this is getting long, I better wrap up soon… here’s a picture of how it looks right now:

Mudroom bench- in progress

You can see the baskets and our “dummy shelf” so we could test out the spacing.

Our to do list now looks like this:

  • Grout our oops tile
  • Caulk the laundry room side
  • Put on the trim pieces for the bench
  • Stain and steal the bench
  • Build a shelving unit on the left side of the bench
  • Build shelves under the bench for shoes
  • Install a shelf on top
  • Install other trim pieces
  • Prime, caulk/putty and paint the mudroom side
  • Install hooks
  • Someday… install a window along the back wall…. someday….

Will we finish all of that this week? Not sure, but, we now have a third set of hands in our house for the next 12 weeks! My younger sister has an internship at the hospital we work at so she’s crashing at our pad. And, let me just say, we do accept manual labor as form of payment for guests. So perhaps we’ll finish the pantry AND the mudroom this week after-all?!?

I’ll leave you with a picture of Riley and me. It’s been awhile since she’s made an appearance!


My favorite flowering tree was “snowing”


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