It May Not Look Like Much

23 Jun


But it took us ALL weekend!

You can see I was still trying to finish screwing down the deck boards. Mike was much faster at cutting them than I was at fastening them down!! Eventually, we got this little porch section done and it’s nice to see it slowly coming together.

Here are a few more pics of it up close.



Isn’t she beautiful!?!

The part that took the longest was the border pieces. We had to notch out the 4X4’s and we had to figure out the angles for the corners. I think now that we’ve done it once, we will be quite a bit faster (or at least I hope so).  And hopefully the border will help prevent the ends from warping!

Fortunately, that isn’t really ALL we got accomplished. We also did “dust management” this weekend. If you look closely in the first picture, you might be able to tell what it is we did. You see, we got a lot of dust on our old porch because there was just a bunch of dirt hanging out under the deck boards. So we put down landscape fabric and then TONS of river rock. I wish I would’ve taken a picture of Mike’s car riding low with all the rock in the back. But I do have a picture of the pile in the driveway.

rock pile

Isn’t that quite the pile? The best part: it was FREE! The worse part: moving it.Thankfully the woman who put it on craigslist helped us get it out of her yard and into our car. We were able to get it in 2 very muddy trips. It took us all of Saturday to “clean it” a bit from the mud and to get it under the deck. Here’s a photo when we were about half way done.

rock part

Here’s hoping all that labor was worth it and our porch doesn’t get so dusty now!

So what’s left on the to do list?

  • Finish removing the floor boards
  • Enhance the floor support with additional joists and bracing
  • Install 4x4x4 posts in between our full length posts
  • Put up joist hangers
  • Re-do joists at the front of the house (make them perpendicular to the house)
  • Fix the front set of stairs so it doesn’t look like 2 houses
  • Dust management
  • Install new floor boards (~20% complete)
  • Replace the hand rails (all measured, awaiting a price quote)
  • Build new steps
  • Fix the roof/ceiling with more support and add beadboard

It’s getting close to at least being usable!

We even had time to take Riley swimming for the first time this year. She had a blast and remembered the doggy paddle pretty quickly. Can you spot her?

rileyI hope you all had a great weekend!


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