It’s a Wrap!

21 Jul

No, I’m not saying the porch is done… I am referring to porch progress, though! In order to get the maintenance free benefits of the PVC railing on our floor-to-roof 4×4’s, we had to use these wraps that just snapped around the columns in 4 sections.  And boy do they look nice! The shorter 4×4’s have sleeves that just slide over the top.

When installing the railing, we definitely had a few “we don’t know what we’re doing” mistakes, but with all of our DIY projects, we’re just learning as we go! Needless to say, there were a few installs followed by some swear words and an un-install on day 1. By day 2 of railing installation, we had learned a few things and it went much smoother!

Enough chit-chat. Let’s just take a look at our beautiful work! Here’s the area we were able to finish on Day 1.

front porch re-do

You might notice that the left section and right section in the photo above look a little different. Well we decided to add a flat top to the railing so we can rest the well-deserved beer on it when this project is finally done! As we were cutting the flat top for the section on the left, our dull saw blade chipped the panel! So we decided to call it quits and buy a new blade for day 2.

Here’s a close up of the top of the railing.front porch re-do

And this section from another angle will show you one of those area’s we still need to “re-do.”

front porch redo

Do you see the cover on the bottom of the left section? Well we took off that cover because it was too big for the bar! Long story short, we accidentally installed it with the cover for the stairs sections by mistake! We did the same thing on the right side (which is why we didn’t realize that mistake until we had moved to the third section), but fixed it by the time this picture was taken. It was not an easy fix, so we decided to come back to fixing the left side at the end!

Day 2 was a bit more productive, even though it rained and we had to take a bit of a break!

Front porch redo

In case you don’t remember what the railing used to look like, here’s a nice side-by-side comparison.

front porch redo

Granted, the old railings do have a nice cut down the middle, but I still think even without that the new stuff wins hands down! You might even be able to tell how off the spacing was with the old stuff!

Here’s one close-up from another angle.

front porch redo

As you can tell from these photos, we didn’t get to the lattice the other week like we thought. Life happens sometimes!

So where does that leave us with the to do list?

  • Finish removing the floor boards
  • Enhance the floor support with additional joists and bracing
  • Install 4x4x4 posts in between our full length posts
  • Put up joist hangers
  • Re-do joists at the front of the house (make them perpendicular to the house)
  • Fix the front set of stairs so it doesn’t look like 2 houses
  • Dust management
  • Install new floor boards
  • Replace the hand rails (about 40-50% done)
  • Build new steps (about 40% complete)
  • Install new lattice (purchased, just need to do it!
  • Fix the roof/ceiling with more support and add beadboard

Nothing new to cross off the list, but nothing new added either! I’ll take it! Let’s have a beer to celebrate!


Have a good week everyone!


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