It’s Been Awhile

25 Aug

Long time no see! You must all be thinking the porch is done by now and we’ve been so busy enjoying it to update you. But have no fear, we are in fact still working on it! Unfortunately. Although we did take a couple of weekends off to have some fun.

Anyway, when we last checked in we were still finishing the railing and had quite a bit of lattice left to go. I am happy to report that the railings and the lattice are complete! Well, almost complete. You see, we underestimated the amount of lattice we’d need so we used scraps for one section just for now so we could see what it could look like. But it is essentially done.

Here’s a look at our progress now. And in addition to the finished railing and lattice, you can see we also put in a gate to block the “hallway” from Riley’s escape.


The new gate – works like a charm! Riley does not seem to like it too much…



Here you may be able to see the section of lattice that we used scraps for. This will look much better once we buy that last section of lattice!


Full view of this section


Isn’t she looking pretty?!

Things are looking so much nicer these days. And I really can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Which is good because my favorite weekend activity is about to take up much of our time. Yay for Bucky!

So what do we have left to do to finish this thing?

  • Finish removing the floor boards
  • Enhance the floor support with additional joists and bracing
  • Install 4x4x4 posts in between our full length posts
  • Put up joist hangers
  • Re-do joists at the front of the house (make them perpendicular to the house)
  • Fix the front set of stairs so it doesn’t look like 2 houses
  • Dust management
  • Install new floor boards
  • Replace the hand rails
  • Build new steps (about 50% complete)
  • Install new lattice (about 99.9% complete)
  • Fix the roof/ceiling with more support and add beadboard – may be delayed until next summer?
  • Buy and install rain chains
  • Wash and stain the deck

Yes, I added a new item… but this is an important one I forgot. We hope to wash and stain the deck this weekend so hopefully it won’t be long before that item is crossed off.

Before we are able to build the last section of the steps, we need to re-do our crumbling pathway so the stairs will have a flat section to land on. So that’s where we will be putting our attention to the next few weeks. That and cheering on my Bucky Badgers!

As for Riley, so far I think she approves! She frequently is found sun bathing in the sun. Here she is found  “supervising.”


Have a great week!!


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