Now What?

10 Nov

Thank you for all the wonderful comments about our news yesterday! We feel incredibly fortunate to have such awesome friends and family in our lives. We know our future son or daughter will be welcomed with open arms and be so loved by so many people!

I just wanted to follow-up yesterday’s news with a bit more detail about where we are in the process. We’ve chosen to work with a national agency and are planning to adopt an infant. We completed our home study and the necessary education required by the state over the summer. Our profile went live about 2 months ago so we are literally just waiting for “the call!” We could be traveling at a moment’s notice to any state! But it could also take several years before the right birth mother finds us. If we’ve learned anything over the past few years, it is patience.

We’ve been filling our time like any other expectant couple – wondering boy or girl? what will they look like? what will life be like? We’ve been putting our nursery together with all the necessities, researching baby names and baby gear. So much of the journey to grow a family through adoption is the same as expanding a family biologically. So much is the same, but so much is different too.

So, now we wait. 🙂


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