Giving Thanks

30 Nov

Well, I intended to post this BEFORE Thanksgiving… but sometimes life gets in the way of our intentions. I suppose living life is much more important than blogging about it 😉 Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with all of your favorite things. We just won’t talk about the Packers!

Every once in awhile, when life seems to be “unfair” or I feel I’ve gotten the “short end of the stick, AGAIN,” I remind myself to pause and reflect on how lucky I really am.  With Thanksgiving just around the corner over and done with now, I wanted to take a minute to jot down a few* things I’m thankful for.

  • Mike – the best partner I could ever ask for

Never Too Old for a Funny Picture

  • My family

6855F5B8-9E7C-497A-AFCD-CFD75AE8B236 F16C9FCB-F358-4B53-BF4E-F8A963FE520A

  • Riley (even though she’s sitting here snoring like a man in my lap)

Riley is Excited to Meet You!

  • My Friends (Yep, each and every one of YOU!)
  • All of the adorable kids in my life who crack me up just about every time I see one of them (if I only I had pictures of all of the wonderfully crazy kids we are fortunate to hang out with!)

IMG_0056IMG_0059Looking at a Frog at the Local Lake with Our Nephews

  • My awesome house (as if you need more photos of this!)
  • Those stripes I painted a few weeks ago – it’s so silly, but they really put a smile on my face when I walk down that hallway
  • Gail Ambrosius chocolates – the most amazing splurge (caloric and $$) if you like dark chocolate truffles
  • A good Brandy Old FashionedIMG_0321
  • Vanilla Chai LattesIMG_0344
  • My warm and cozy bed
  • This little white blanket that Noodle’s mom made me my freshman year of college that I STILL snuggle in every evening
  • Cheering for my UW Badgers and the excellent education I got along the wayGo Bucky!
  • How much I’ve learned about myself and life over the past several years
  • All the fun, life-changing experiences I still have ahead of me!

Photo courtesy of


I know, some of these things don’t matter if you look at the big picture, but sometimes it is the littlest of things that make the biggest difference! I plan to celebrate all the feel good stuff- big or small!

*Meaning this is of course not an all-inclusive list, I couldn’t possibly write down EVERYTHING I am grateful for. It would take ages, and probably bore you all to death.


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