2016 Goals

1 Dec

With 2016 a few short weeks away it’s time to start thinking about what we want to accomplish this next year. It’s been awhile since we’ve publicly shared our house goals, but we’ve had a list each year since.


We’ve never been very good at accomplishing everything on these lists, but I’d like to think that’s just because we are so awesome at living life that some of these tasks just don’t get done in a timely manner!

I’d love to think that we’ll finish the remaining leftovers from 2013-2015, but I suppose that depends on the curve balls life throws at us in 2016! Let’s just start with those items to see how big the hole is that we dug these last few years:

  • Finish the baseboards (this includes the master bedroom/closet)
  • Demo the powder room
  • Re-tile the main floor powder room
  • Wainscoting in powder room
  • New vanity in powder room
  • Insulate the garage
  • Landscape
  • Figure out art in the living room

Now that I write it out like this that actually looks like a pretty good list for the next year. Truthfully the house projects are nearing an end (aside from some major undertakings like the master bathroom, opening up a doorway in the dining room, and adding a fire place!!) so we should be running out of items! Hopefully it’s not long before we are replacing house to do lists with other to do lists (like swimming lessons, baseball games, homework, Christmas concerts!).

We’ve already started the process of investigating tile for the main floor bathroom and the other full bath upstairs. Since we have to rent a tool to get the tile out, we thought it’d be a good idea to do 2 bathrooms at one time. We are holding off on the master for now since we aren’t sure how much of the layout/fixtures we want to change/invest in. I can’t wait to share the plans for these two bathrooms as they start to unfold. Hopefully once the holidays are over we’ll be able to start tackling this project. We are definitely hoping to keep the costs minimal!

We have some landscaping done from this past year (thanks mom and dad!), but I would still like to figure out something for the front and side of the house. This is one of those things that I’d like to hire out because I just don’t want to figure out what will work… but, I know my wallet will appreciate the DIY approach. Feel free to toss out any ideas you have!

One other project we’ve been slowly working on the past few months is getting a nursery put together! It’s coming along pretty nicely so far and we have a lot of the major stuff done already. I will definitely be sure to put a post together as we work on it some more.

So in summary, here are the 2016 House Goals:

  • Finish the baseboards (this includes the master bedroom/closet, and we can now add 2 of the 3 bathrooms this year!!)
  • Update the main floor powder room
    • Re-tile
    • Wainscoting of some kind
    • New vanity
  • Update the upstairs bathroom
    • Re-tile
    • New vanity
  • Insulate the garage
  • Landscape
  • Figure out art in the living room/rest of the house
  • Nursery!

2016 will definitely be the year we cross off most of these things, don’t you think?!


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