Game Plan

27 Jan

The biggest project we are set up to tackle this year is the renovation of 2 of our 3 bathrooms – our main, first floor powder room and upstairs guest bathroom. Our master bathroom needs a good face lift too but it will probably be more time and money intensive so we are holding off on that for now.

If you remember way back when we started this old blog, our front entry way, kitchen, and all 3 bathrooms had the same pretty, but VERY uneven slate tile flooring:

This is the main motivator to our bathroom reno. It’s way too easy to stub your toe or step on a crack and get jabbed by some pokey corner! Not fun! We’ll be renting that same hammer tool to remove the tile this time around (our 3rd time renting it!) and I am so excited to see that tile go.

In it’s place, the downstairs bathroom will be getting a black hexagon tile from The Tile Shop. Here are few inspirations for the floor tile:


We’ll also put in some planking up 50-75% of the wall like this:


The vanity has been the hardest thing to finalize as I mentioned in our last post. I’ve been envisioning a wood cabinet (probably stained not painted) with a marble counter top and white vessel sink. I’d also love it to have more storage than our current vanity has (to store extra TP, towels, soap, etc). But finding that in our budget has been next to impossible. After the Pottery Barn Craigslist fail, I’ve been thinking of DIY-ing something. I think a trip to ikea to pick up this $79 dresser and a stop at the stone yard in town are definitely in order. Here are a few of my pinspirations:


It will certainly be exciting seeing it all come together. I can tell we are getting a little old and tired of the bigger renovation projects as we keep delaying going to the Tile Shop to order the tile! We’ve had it on our to do list for about 2 months and keep bumping it off for other things!

Speaking of to do lists, let’s get one started…

  • Order and pick up new tile
  • Remove tile
  • Install new tile
  • Install plank walls
  • Make vanity
  • Install vanity
  • Hang art, mirror, etc

I’ll be back with another post for our upstairs guest bathroom. Since one of our ultimate house goals is to open up the wall in the dining room, my dad suggested we figure out where the duct work in that wall goes. It appears it may involve that upstairs bathroom so that face lift may get delayed a bit while we figure that whole piece out! As always, one thing leads to another… Happy house projects!


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