Evolution of a Bathroom

12 May

Many moons ago (or maybe at least 4), I blogged about our bathroom game plan. It has been slow going over here since then, but we finally have meaningful progress to share.

First order of business, was the vanity. We ended up finding some plans on anawhite.com for a nightstand and adapting them to make a larger dresser/vanity since we couldn’t find anything already built at a reasonable price. It’s definitely taken a lot longer than anticipated (which I don’t even know why I’m surprised anymore!) but we are really excited to finish this up soon:

What do you think? It’s not quite the finished product, but I’ve been applying coats of stain over the last couple of weeks and we will be using Waterlox to seal the top around the sink.

Once we had made enough progress on the vanity we gutted the bathroom!

We definitely had a pretty dusty house after that!

Somewhere along the way we primed and painted 2 coats on the top half of the wall (the yellow paint with the soon to be hex flooring had me thinking of bees far too much!) Then came the tiling.

It’s definitely not perfect and they were such a pain to lay, but the hexagon tiles look awesome! I think we’ll stick to square/rectangle shaped floor tile in the future. 🙂

After the thin-set had cured, Mike took to grouting.

And this last weekend, my mom & dad came up for a visit so we put my dad to work installing the planking!

Isn’t it looking awesome!?!

So what comes next? Well we need to putty all the deep knots and nail holes. sand everything down, and prime and paint them the same white we used on the trim. After that we can put the bathroom back together again!! We’re still a few weeks away from that since we have some other things going on first, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Here’s that pesky to do list updated:

  • Order and pick up new tile
  • Remove tile (and the rest of the bathroom stuff)
  • Install new tile
  • Install plank walls & baseboards
    • Putty nail holes
    • Prime planking
    • Paint planking and trim
  • Make vanity
    • Stain vanity
    • Seal vanity top
  • Install vanity
  • Hang art, mirror, etc

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