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29 Nov

With the addition of Wesley to our usually hectic fall (we LOVE Badger football season around here), we have done very little to spruce up the house. Even so, our house has never felt more like home! Our lives are filled with so much joy and happiness watching him grow. What we are learning (among many things!!) is that as he grows, so do his needs. Trying to find room to house some of his “needs” is our biggest challenge these days and has led to our change in focus for our next big project! This means bathroom #2 is officially on hold for now.

This blog all started when our kitchen underwent a massive remodel. We have tons of storage as a result, but somehow have found ways to fill all the nooks and crannies with stuff. Finding a place to store Wesley’s bottles and formula proved difficult… so difficult that they often sit on the countertops. Can we say cluttered?! Some of the stuff taking up precious kitchen real estate are things we don’t use routinely – too many wine and beer glasses, serving bowls and platters, liquor, etc. So we (mostly me – Mike would just like to get rid of things 🙂 ) want to relocate these items.

Where you might ask? Well, to the dining room of course! Our dining room has received very little attention beyond some paint and new trim so you may not even remember that we have one. The ultimate hope is to open up one of the walls to let more natural light in, but it is a low priority item at the moment. I embarrassingly admit that we rarely eat in the dining room (usually we eat at the kitchen island – OR – in front of the TV), BUT once Wesley is eating solids, we want to have meals in the dining room with him. Anyway, now that we are off topic, our plan is to build in a large buffet along the back wall that we can store all that stuff we want to relocate from the kitchen. We’d also like to include a built-in beverage fridge as we always seem to be running out of fridge space and I know its only going to get worse when Wes starts eating more.

Now we haven’t discussed much of the details beyond that, but thought I’d share some of the pictures that we are using for inspiration. All images found on pinterest (yes, taking the lazy way out this time for referencing!).



I think we will use some stock cabinetry (like we did for the office built-ins) but am also considering ikea as an option for the cabinetry. I’d love to have a pretty countertop on top, like soapstone or some solid surface, but not sure we can justify the added expense. Is it weird to use butcher block AGAIN since we already have it in the office for our desktop and in the built-in bookcases? It’s just so affordable! Either way we have some time to figure it out, but hoping to kick off this project early 2017.

As a reminder. Here’s more or less what our dining room is looking like these days. The tan wall on the right of the photo is the one we are considering opening up (but it has ductwork, outlets, etc in the way at the moment). The built-ins will go along the back red-orange wall.


So for now we are spending some time cleaning out our kitchen & pantry and trying to figure out exactly what storage needs we will have in the dining room. More plans to follow 🙂


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