5 Dec

Wesley’s first quarter of life is in the books. I am amazed at how fast these 3 months have gone! It’s sometimes hard to remember a time where he wasn’t a part of our life. It’s also sometimes hard to remember what we did with all of our spare time 🙂

Wesley has met a few milestones so far:

(1) First Badger tailgate (2 weeks)

(2) First Badger game (3 weeks)

(3) Rolling over from front to back (starting around 5 weeks!)

(4) Sleeping through the night (11.5 weeks – at least once anyway 🙂 )

(5) Smiling (??? Very smiley since 10 weeks)

(6) Rolling over from back to side, then side to tummy – it’s not a very ‘fluid’ process yet (11.5 weeks)… but a few days after I started writing this he could do it!

(7) Started daycare (10 weeks)

His little personality is starting to show through and it is so much fun to see! He no longer despises the hours of 6-8 pm, although part of that is due to the fact we keep the lights lower and the mood ‘calm.’ He LOVES standing, sitting, bath time, and laying on his changing pad (weird, eh?!). He dislikes being left to play by himself too long and napping. Luckily he’s a pretty easy going guy.

We have far too many photos (can you actually have ‘too many’?!?) so I’ll limit this post to sharing Wesley’s weekly/monthly photos. Every month I am sure to take a photo with Wes’ dinosaur. We also bought B (Wesley’s other mom) the same dinosaur so she can see how he grows over time. It’s been neat to see him catch up to that dino!

Weekly Photo Project:

Monthly Dinosaur & Chalkboard Photo Project:

Random Favorites:


2 Responses to “Y1:Q1”

  1. stealingnectar December 6, 2016 at 10:40 am #

    Really adorable (and advanced!) little boy! I especially love that last photo. So sweet!!!

    • Jess December 6, 2016 at 9:07 pm #

      Thank you! 🙂

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