2016: A Year in Review

1 Jan

2016 started out just like the previous 4 years – with me wondering if THIS was the year I’d finally get to meet my son or daughter. Wesley has absolutely been the highlight of this year. Because of him 2016 has gone both incredibly fast and slow at the same time. I want to take a moment back to reflect on all the cool things that happened in 2016 (yes, other stuff did happen too 🙂 )

January 2016: Rang in the New Year in sunny Florida celebrating my cousin’s wedding! The weather was gorgeous and it was so hard to come back to chilly Wisconsin!


February 2016: We went out to Copper Mountain in Colorado to go snowboarding for a few days. The weather was awesome and the hills not too busy. In short, it was great!

February 29, 2016: For many, this was *just* Leap Day. For us, it was the day we found out about Wesley! The fact that it took nearly 6 months from this day for us to finally meet him was the reason the year felt like it was passing incredibly slow at times.

March 2016: Started our bathroom Reno!

May 2016: We initially planned a anniversary trip to New York, Cape Cod, and Connecticut (to visit some of Mike’s family), but once we found out about Wes we detoured instead to St. Louis and Arkansas to meet B!

June 2016: We headed to Minnesota to celebrate my cousin’s wedding #liveloveolaughlin

July 2016: “Finished” the bathroom!

August 5, 2016: We head to Arkansas anticipating Wesley’s arrival (due 8/8/2016)! Little did we know we’d have a lot of time to kill!

August 25, 2016: Wesley finally makes his appearance!! Only 2+ weeks after his due date! On the same day, my nephew Oliver is born (3 hours before Wesley!).

August 31, 2016: Wesley is officially a part of the family. Happy Adoption Day! We FINALLY get to head home 🙂

September 2016: Wesley attends his first Badger Football tailgate and game! Our friends throw Wesley the sweetest welcome home party, too!

October 2016: Wesley celebrates his first Halloween as a ghost. BOO!

November 2016: We celebrate how thankful we are for B and the amazing gift of we’ve been given. We celebrate how thankful we are to have Wesley in our life. Wesley experiences his first thanksgiving!

December 2016: Wesley’s first Christmas! He didn’t get to see what the whole “Happy New Year” celebration was all about since he was sound asleep by 6:25 PM last night. 🙂

I’d say 2016 turned out to be my favorite year yet! The best part is I know 2017 will be even better!

Wishing everyone happiness, good health, and lots of love for 2017!


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