New Year, New List

20 Feb

Back in December 2015 (apparently I was more on top of things back then…), I shared our 2016 to do list. Now that we’re 2 months deep into 2017, I thought it was a good idea to see where we stand and outline some goals for this year.

Here is where we started in 2016:

  • Finish the baseboards (this includes the master bedroom/closet, and we can now add 2 of the 3 bathrooms this year!!)
  • Update the main floor powder room (Re-tile, Wainscoting of some kind, New vanity)
  • Update the upstairs bathroom (Re-tile, New vanity)
  • Insulate the garage
  • Landscape
  • Figure out art in the living room/rest of the house
  • Nursery

Hmm… We really did not make the progress we had anticipated! We can finally cross off the baseboards in the master bedroom and 1 bathroom though so hooray for getting one step closer to completely finishing this! We now just have to finish the trim in our master closet, master bathroom, and upstairs guest bathroom. Woohoo for that list getting shorter. It’s only been a work in progress since 2010. Maybe by 2020 it will no longer make the annual ‘to do’ list?!

As you all know, the biggest accomplishment (aside from raising a tiny human!!!!) was completing our main floor bathroom remodel. Just like everything else it took a lot longer than we had anticipated but we are loving the finished project! We are working on putting the finishing touches together so I’ll be sure to share some final photos once the pictures are hung!

The upstairs bathroom is officially on hold while we work on the dining room storage situation. I was hoping to have an update on our dining room progress but I don’t. So stay tuned because it will hopefully be coming soon!

Zero progress has been made on the garage and no changes have been made to the landscape. Although the city did put in some new sidewalks and as a result had to plant some new grass, so maybe that counts? Haha!

We have finally got some art on the walls in the living room! On a side note, we got a new entertainment center – something with closed storage to keep little hands out 🙂 So with the bookshelves gone we now have an open corner to figure out in 2017, too. We have been going back and forth with leaving it open vs filling the empty space. For now we are just going to leave it until we get inspired.


(I just took this photo so, you can even see Wesley’s art projects on display!)


Rile’s dog bed has taken up the empty space for now

The nursery has become one of my favorite rooms in the house! It is still a work in progress – mostly in that it could use some art/decorations on the wall, but I love hanging out with Wes in there. My goal for 2017 is to put the finishing touches on this room. As a reminder, here’s what it looked like when you last saw it. It already looks quite a bit different now 🙂

So it looks like we could cross off a few things… but not many!

  • Finish the baseboards (this includes the master bedroom/closet, and we can now add 21 of the 3 bathrooms this year!!)
  • Update the main floor powder room (Re-tile, Wainscoting of some kind, New vanity)
  • Update the upstairs bathroom (Re-tile, New vanity)
  • Insulate the garage
  • Landscape
  • Figure out art in the living room / rest of the house
  • Nursery

Time to hammer out the details for 2017!

If I’m being realistic, we will not do anything related to the remaining rooms needing baseboards (master closet, master bathroom, upstairs guest bathroom) so I won’t even bother pretending by putting in on in 2017. Stay tuned for 2018 though, I really would like to have it off the list by 2020! Haha.

That means upstairs bathroom update won’t likely happen in 2017 either. That’s another stay tuned for 2018 item.

We may try to tackle some landscaping on the side of our house this summer so I’ll leave it on the list this year. Same with the garage – we may work on insulating it SLOWLY. These items will depend on how the progress on the rest of the to do list.

And as I mentioned previously, one of my goals this year is to put the finishing touches on Wesley’s nursery. I hope to tackle that the first few months of 2017 (so REALLY soon, haha) so hopefully I have an update on that for you guys before summer!

The BIG project of the year, as you all already know, will be the built-ins in the dining room. We are still in the researching mode on the best design/sources for everything. Once we have that figured out I’ll have more info to share.

Another (surprise!) project we are working on is a playroom on our main floor. We don’t have a basement suitable for living (truer words have not been spoken!) so we need to coexist with baby/kid toys. Our living room isn’t big enough for both, however, we have a pretty large entryway at the front of the house (connected to the living room) that up until now is rarely used. In the last month or two, we’ve been storing most of Wes’ toys and spending a lot of time playing in there. We are working to make it a bit more functional and will share the progress and ‘game plan’ with you all soon. Here’s what it looked like before Wes’ toys moved in.

Time to make it bullet-list official.

2017 To Do List:

  • Landscape (maybe)
  • Insulate the garage (maybe)
  • Nursery
  • Dining Room built-ins
  • Playroom

That looks manageable! 10 months and counting…

Next up: Y2:Q2 (!!!!! How is my sweet boy almost 1/2 a year old already?!?!?!)


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