1 Mar

1 year ago (well technically it was February 29… so close enough!) we received the call that would change our lives. We were finally going to be parents! And now we have a 6 month old little boy! It is incredibly amazing to think that Wesley has been a part of our lives for 6 months now!

The last 3 months have been so fun! Wes has accomplished a lot… although I didn’t keep as detailed notes on his life like Q1!

– Survived pink eye (three times!)

– Celebrated his first Christmas!

– Celebrated his first NYE (asleep before 6:30 pm!)

– First ED visit: Croup

– First two teeth (21 weeks)

– First food: Oatmeal! (around 5 months) He’s now tried: peas, carrots, sweet potatoes (his favorite!!), apples, bananas, pears, yogurt, prunes, avocado

– Sitting by himself! (around 5 months)

– Survived “sleep training” and gave up his pacifier at night (YAY!!)

– First Badger basketball game (23 weeks)

– Started swimming lessons (23 weeks)

– Celebrated first Valentine’s Day

– Started ‘army crawling’ with a purpose! (24.5 weeks)

He LOVES the water, standing, and knocking down towers! He also really enjoys chatting with his ‘mirror friend’ (so much so that I’m a bit jealous of how excited he gets when he sees his ‘friend’ haha).

He does not like getting his face wiped clean at all. And we’ve had to do it A LOT between his runny nose and starting solids. He much prefers to use ME as his napkin/Kleenex!

His 6 month appointment isn’t until March, so no updated stats. I am guessing he’s somewhere between 18-19 pounds (he was 17 pounds at the beginning of January) and near 29 inches. He’s a big boy, that much I know. We will be switching him to his convertible car seat soon, but trying to get through as much of winter as possible!

Here’s Wesley’s weekly photos from Q2!



Here’s the monthly Dino/chalkboard photos.

Here’s a random selection of favorites.


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