Playroom Plans

18 Apr

The toys are piling up and the crawling has begun! Wesley is in need of his own dedicated space on the main floor. We decided that our large entryway that is underused would be a great place to corral the toys! Here’s the space we were starting with:

Pinterest has been great to come up with ideas for the kind of storage we will need to keep this space organized. We have no intention to have a TON of toys (easier said than done as I am constantly stopping myself from buying something new for me Wes to play with, haha), we do want to make sure that there’s plenty of room for everything – art supplies, puzzles, board games, costumes/dress-up clothes, etc.

Here are a few pics of the inspiration!





Several weekends ago now we cleaned out the space and bought some floor tiles. We decided to use the current white bench as the base for some cabinet storage (like you see in photo 1and 2 above). Bench seating with comfy pillows and a cozy blanket will be nice for reading books so we got a smaller storage bench that would fit on a shorter wall.

We went to ikea for our dining room cabinets the other week and picked up a few things for the playroom as well. We got some great plastic storage bins to help keep toys organized. We also (after some mis-measurements on my part) brought home a closet system to serve two purposes – half for hanging coats/storing outerwear and half for bigger toy storage (think puzzles, board games, art supples, etc).

Since Wes has started moving, he likes to use the curtains as a Kleenex! Ick! So I’ve been looping the ends over the curtain rod to keep them out of reach until we find a suitable replacement. I think we will want some wood blinds instead of curtains so I’m on the hunt for a good deal.

So now that you know the plans, let’s talk game plan. But first let’s do some updated photos with the changes we’ve already made.

As you can see, Wes loves playing with boxes – cheapest toy ever! Haha.

So, what’s left to do?

  • Install closet system
  • Build cabinet storage
  • Hang some art
  • Replace window treatments
  • Play!

This will be slow going but hopefully it will be a super fun room to spend time in when we’re done! But first we must finish the dining room! Details on that hopefully coming soon 🙂

What are your tips for toy storage and keeping the clutter down?



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