29 May

How can it be that 75% of Wes’ first year is over? This has been the fastest 9 months of my life without question. I am amazed at how much he’s changed, too. From a tiny, helpless baby to a giant, silly little boy who finds ways to get into EVERYTHING! He is crawling everywhere – even up the stairs – without fear, jumping for joy when he gets excited, gabbing non-stop when he’s happy, and smashing any tower I build the minute he sees it going up!

It has been a busy (but fortunately HEALTHY) 3 months.

– Celebrated his first St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness (yes that is a ‘holiday’ around here), Easter, Mother’s Day

– Wore his first football helmet (6.5 months)

– Learned to give high fives (when he wants to haha) (7 months)

– Learned to drink out of a sippy cup (7 months)

– Switched to TWO naps (7 months)

– Tasted his first pickle – and liked it! (7.5 months)

– Took his first steps with his walker / cruising along the furniture (8 months) and then started walking UNASSISTED!! (8.9 months)

– Went to his first ‘bounce house’ party (8 months)

– Climbing up stairs (8.5 months)

– First hair cut (!!!) (8.5 months)

– Tooth count: SEVEN

He still loves standing and JUMPING! (Holding on to things of course) when he gets excited. He also loves watching Riley, trying to eat Riley’s food, sharing his food with Riley, and giving Riley kisses (or biting, I’m not exactly sure what he’s trying to accomplish haha). He will now push a car around while he crawls. He giggles if you drive one of his cars across his back or if you play with his toes. And, of course, he still blows raspberries all the time. If meh, or bah, count as words than he is a chatterbox.

He still does not like having his hands or face wiped clean, but gets very excited when he gets his water glass after he’s all cleaned up! He HATES to be left alone (even for just a few seconds) and starts putting up a stink the second he can’t see you. He loves dance parties and spinning round and round (until mom gets dizzy!)

His 9 month appointment isn’t until the first part of June. I’m going to guess he’s around 22 pounds and 32 inches. He recently switched to 12 month clothing but a few 9 month stuff still fits… but starting to look a little snug! He regularly eats four 8 ounce bottles a day (sometimes he doesn’t quite finish them and sometimes he asks for a couple extra ounces) – which is down from the close to 40 ounces a day he was eating a few months ago!! He “eats” 2-3 meals a day and has tried a variety of foods. He definitely likes the sweet stuff (fruit) but still chomps on a variety of veggies, too.

Now for the fun part – pictures!

Here’s his weekly photos (week 27 – 39):

The monthly chalkboard/Dino photos:

A collection of favorites:


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